Are You Smart Enough To Decipher FOX’s 2010 Midseason Schedule?

This afternoon FOX unveiled their 2010 midseason schedule. But fair warning — complete with disappointing surprise hiatuses (FRINGE, GLEE), two-night premieres (24, AMERICAN IDOL, HUMAN TARGET) and time slot-shifts (CLEVELAND SHOW, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES) — you’re most definitely going to have to be smarter than a fifth grader to decipher it. See for yourself after the jump.

Sunday January 10
8-8:30PM THE SIMPSONS (450th Episode)
8:30-9PM — THE SIMPSONS 20th Anniversary Special

Tuesday January 12

Wednesday January 13
9-10PM — OUR LITTLE GENIUS (Time Period Premiere)

Thursday January 14

Sunday January 17
8-9PM — HUMAN TARGET (Series Preview)
9-11PM — 24 (Season Premiere, Part I)

Monday January 18
8-10PM — 24 (Season Premiere, Part II)

Tuesday January 19
8-9PM — AMERICAN IDOL (Time Period Premiere)
9-10PM — OUR LITTLE GENIUS (Time Period Premiere)

Wednesday January 20
9-10PM — HUMAN TARGET (Series Premiere)

Friday January 22
9-10PM — DOLLHOUSE (Series Finale)

Monday January 25
9-10PM — 24 (Time Period Premiere)

Friday January 29
9-10PM — KITCHEN NIGHTMARES (Season Premiere)

Thursday February 4
9-10PM — FRINGE (Winter Finale)

Thursday February 11
8-10PM — PAST LIFE (Series Premiere)

Sunday March 14
8:30-9PM — SONS OF TUCSON (Series Premiere)
9:30-10PM — CLEVELAND SHOW (Time Period Premiere)

Thursday April 1
9-10PM — FRINGE (Time Period Premiere)

Tuesday April 13
9-10PM — GLEE (Time Period Premiere)

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  • Charlie

    They moved Glee to be on at the same time as Lost? 🙁

  • LB

    Glee being in the same timeslot as Lost makes me very unimpressed.
    I will never choose Glee over Lost.

  • Irish Joe

    Hopefully Idol will help Glee to bury Lost 🙂

  • kenneth kahn

    On 1/25 you have both House and 24 occupying the 9-10 slot. I can’t wait to try that one on my DVR.

  • David

    Fringe is having a wonderful second season but it deserves to be on after Idoll too. The new dramas haven’t received very good reviews so I think Idol will be wasted on Human Target. And Past Life will never be a hit based on the premise alone, especially on Thursdays. The episode order has been cut down so Fox obviously is just burning off this show.

    Fringe should get the Tuesday @ 9 time slot when it’s ready to come back.
    Glee should get the Wednesday @9 timeslot and come back in March at the very latest.
    Hell’s Kitchen should air after Bones, it gets a good demo share in that slot. I guess they’re saving it til the summer because of Kitchen Nightmares.

    Bottom line: Fringe better be renewed, and hopefully the American Idol lead-in will bring the current viewers of Glee back after a long hiatus. It will be watched on my dvr however, Cause I’m off course going to watch Lost no matter the competition.

  • Ace

    I saw this last night and it made me very sad. The three shows I look forward to most (in these non-LOST times) are Fringe, Glee and Modern Family. Now two of the three won’t be back until April. Ugh. I’m really not surprised they aren’t moving Fringe though. People can be worried all they want about the numbers, but I’m not sure anything other than AI would do significantly better and I think Fox knows that too. At least they are giving a decent timeslot to Human Target which I thought sounded interesting.

  • jess

    that is the stupidest schedule ever why are the waiting till April to bring back GLee & Fringe urughh who is making these decisions then they wonder why they lose viewership.

  • Hil

    Lost is coming back long before Glee does. They won’t actually be opposite each other until long after I am hopelessly hooked on Lost’s final season. Too bad for Glee. I can time shift that no problem though. I don’t want to time shift Lost. I might get spoiled. Lost is way more time sensitive in that respect.

  • Sarah

    Is Fox TRYING to bury Fringe?! First it’s off for a month for baseball, now we get a 3+ month hiatus, and stick it right back on the most competitive night on TV and what — expect the numbers to improve? I doubt it. After the baseball layoff the ratings tanked even worse than they already were. Such a horrible idea.

  • Nick

    It’s just Fox being Fox. And thank heavens, there’s nothing here that will affect my viewing one iota. Glee would be the only thing I’m interested in, and I’ll catch it in reruns or online later.

    Keep up the bad work, Fox! The other nets love ya for it!

  • what happened to Bones? Lie to ME? are they just gone

  • Rick,
    I updated the schedule to remind you when BONES is returning. As for LIE TO ME, while FOX has picked it up for a back nine they have yet to give it a spot. Fingers crossed it’s not Friday!

  • Mia

    crossing fingers for Lie to Me as well!
    the pairing with House was really smart.
    the House/24 duo will definitely be a hit for Monday nites.
    I can only hope we have a decent spot for LtM-

  • tye

    I Think Hells Kitchen season 7 Will air during the Summer of 2010 i think the only reason i think why season 5 aird during the winter months because of the contract

  • tye

    Does anyone know how Dave is doing after he won i was so happy this season when dave won first time i wanted someone to when since season 2 i see Hells kitchen again In July 2010

  • i was looking foward to hells kitchen in the winter i guess i half to wait until summer

  • I heard two rumors that Hells Kitchen season 7 will be a winter edtion and then i hears it will be in The Summer