slapsgiving 2 revenge of the slap how i met your mother

Having seen enough disappointing sequels over the course of our lifetime, the number ‘2’ in last night’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER episode title (“Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap”) should have been the tip off. But alas, this TV Addict was far too blinded by the impending awesomeness of the ‘slap bet’ to see it coming. Unfortunately, not even the the return of the slap could save this turkey.

Seriously. From the episode starting off on the highly unbelievable note that had Ted and Robin rescuing Marshall’s M.I.A Turkey from a New York Taxi Cab like a needle in a haystack, to the mysterious appearance of Lily’s here-to-unforeseen father (played by special guest star Chris Elliott!) which once again transformed Marshall’s formerly adorable and cooler better-half into a grating and angry caricature, the episode’s only redeeming quality came courtesy of Jason Segel’s Marshall, who in the spirit of the holidays bequeathed his fourth slap to Ted and Robin, only to take it upon himself to seize the day (or in the parlance of the episode, “Slape Diem!”) and unleash the slap after the former lovers spent the better part of the episode arguing over who would have the pleasure of bestowing the fourth slap on a very nervous Barney Stinson.

Agree, disagree, slap away.

  • Ace

    Did it bother anyone else that it should have been “Carpe Slapem”? Nope, just me? Well okay then.

    It wasn’t one of the best episodes of the show, but I thought it was funny (much better than last night’s BBT…). The original Slapsgiving is one of my favorite episodes, so I was happy to see the return. And I don’t feel like Lily was acting out of character. She hates conflict (see the episode where she takes something away as punishment), so it seemed likely that she would have a “you’re dead to me” look.

  • Jackie

    It made me laugh–a lot, which is really all I ask for–so I can forgive some of the plot holes/logic gaps.

    Agree to disagree, perhaps?

  • thesoapgoddess

    All I could think was “Is Chris Elliot old enough to be Alyson Hannigan’s father?”

  • BenRyan

    @Ace While I still your point for carpe slapem (seize the slap), I think slape diem (slap the day) is just as funny.

    And I was actually hoping they wouldn’t use the fourth slap but kept the anticipation going. Slap 4 was anticlimactic to me.