• ABC presses the pause button, FLASHFORWARD to temporarily shut down production.
• Fuhgeddabout! Drea de Matteo NOT fired from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.
• Probably not the mother, Amanda Peet signs on to guest on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.
• On a break! Regis to take a one month leave of absence from Kelly to recover from his upcoming hip surgery.

  • bws

    While FF has struggled some, it has had its moments of brilliance. And Ausiellos is being a weeeee bit dramatic about a 6 day shutdown. Seriously.

  • bws,
    I’m fairly certain that being overly dramatic is in Ausiello’s job description! But in his defence, these kind of shut downs are usually not a good sign, especially when added to the general unevenness of the season thus far.

  • Ace

    I’ve already said that I wouldn’t mind if FF was only one season, but if they don’t at least make it to the FF date, I’m not going to be pleased.

  • bws

    I agree it’s not a “good” sign. FF will most certainly finish the season or ABC gets burned the eff down.

    One of my biggest beefs with the show is simply not developing the characters enough. I don’t “care” about these characters yet and I feel like I should. I think that’s just bad writing unfortunately.

    But at least every other episode is good, right? Right? Anyone?

  • I like FF a lot. I think it’s creative and I definitely want to see what happens when they get to the FF date.

  • I just wanted to add (about FF): Given a lot of the hits that ABC has had this season comedy wise, I think it might be good to keep a show like FF around to see if it gains an audience, especially once Lost is over. I also want Eastwick but appparently that’s long gone.

  • BWS, I’ll go along with you. FF seems to alternate regularly between transitional episodes & “wham” episodes. This week was transitional; next week looks wham.

    Lost started with the same formula FF did. It just jumped right in with the main epic event having occurred before the first commercial break. But, Lost always had the flashbacks which allowed us to learn about the characters while the fantasy/action stuff was happening in island time.

    By emphasizing the present and the future, FF has a bigger challenge getting people to know & care about its characters. But, with only around half a season aired, they’ve still got time to give the character development needed.

  • grumpyoldman

    Thank goodness for the DH news. That new girl can really wear a pair of jeans!