Tonight’s TV Addict Must Watch: V


In the shocking final moments of tonight’s episode of V, Anna, the intrepid leader of the mysterious Visitors promises that “It’s only the beginning.” Of what exactly, well, we’re not about to spoil that here. But what we will reveal is that unlike the season’s previous two episodes, tonight’s Fall Finale finally delivers on the promise of the ABC re-boot’s fantastic series premiere. Complete with unexpected plot twists, surprising character connections, explosions, stabbings and even a skinning, writers Cameron Litvack and Angela Russo-Otstot have done a bang up job of ensuring that every single one of the episode’s forty-four minutes are packed with just enough shock and awe to ensure that fans will be counting down the days until the V returns in the spring. With bonus points for giving Tyler (or as we like to to call him, the most grating teen to hit the sci-fi scene since the early days of Wesley Crusher) something pivotal to do.

V airs on ABC at 8PM (CTV in Canada)

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  • Tim

    I agree. I can’t wait. V’s one of the best things on Tues. for me.

  • I can’t wait! V hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been very entertaining.

  • TVFan

    Great Finale!

  • Audio Verite

    You know I think you are a manipulative tool of ABC and not really a very truthful nice person. How dare you insinuate we would see a skinning tonight when you knew damn well nothing of the like would happen except we would hear the word skinning and a off screen killing. Well now you go off my bookmarks list. I didn’t need any convincing to watch tonight’s show, I really like the show. So no matter what you said or didn’t say would have changed that, but what you did will backfire on your BLISS giving ABC executives causes others who read your “blog” will no doubt be majorly disappointed and any short term ratings bump, if it doesn’t fall for the third time, will go punished when V goes back on causes people don’t want to be tagged along with the promises of actual Lizard acting and won’t turn in.
    You are a lowly human, anything to please executives. Can’t believe this is even a job for someone, what waste of your life. I only wasted 42 minutes.

  • JaySin420

    How do you really feel audio? lol

  • Liz

    I’m going to miss V. It just started, sheesh.
    And what’s with “killing off” my favorites??? Argh.