First Look: The Cast of 24 Season Eight

24 season 8 pics

Although FOX is keeping a tight lid on what fans can expect from the upcoming eight season of 24 set to bow on January 17, this TV Addict has seen enough action-packed hours to know the following: 1) Not everyone in these just-obtained promotional photos will survive Jack Bauer’s next really bad day, (2) One or more of them is probably a mole, and (3) the apparent prerequisite for working at the new and improved CTU is supermodel-levels of hotness. But hey, don’t take our word for it, judge for yourself by checking out these first look photos after the jump.

24 season 8 cast pics

24 season 8 cast pics
Freddie Prinze Jr. as Cole Ortiz.

24 season 8 cast pics
Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian

24 season 8 cast pics
Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer

24 season 8 cast pics
Mykelti Williamson as Brian Hastings

24 season 8 cast pics
John Boyd as Arlo Glass

24 season 8 cast pics
Katee Sackhoff as Dana Walsh

24 season 8 cast pics
Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor

24 season 8 cast pics
Annie Wersching as Renee Walker

24 season 8 cast pics
Anil Kapoor as Omar Hassan

24 season 8 cast pics
Chris Diamantopoulos as Rob Weiss

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  • Simply Kimberly

    Other shows may come and go, and maybe even get more hype, but for my money 24 is the only series that has kept me on the edge of my seat for nearly its entire run. It has been appointment TV since the first tick of the clock on Day 1.

    My only concern is if it this is truly the swan song I want to see Tony back for at least a cameo appearance at the end with at least a bit of redemption. He’s still my favorite character.

    And it is so good to see KS get a role on such a high profile show (BG vets working is frakking awesome). I hope she has at least a few scenes with Callum Keith Rennie. They have such amazing chemistry on screen.

  • Richard

    When 24 is as bold, brave and actually relevant as “MI-5” (“Spooks”) it will have hit the awesome level. You have to be willing to kill your major characters (including Jack), and not have them come back from the dead. A new cast each season would up the suspense level a lot.

  • amerc

    Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian
    under jacks picture!

  • TVFan

    Freddie Prinze Jr, is the mole. Take it to the bank!

  • Alex

    I’ve been an avid 24 fan since season 1…
    have all the dvds, treasure my Kiefer autograph (he signed it to me personally!! haha.. major dividends to being on the red carpet for his Canadian Walk of Fame ceremony).

    and i sincerely hope there is NO mole this year. last year we had the double team of Sean and Erica at the FBI, and after the Jamie-Nina 1-2 punch in season 1, they gave us a break on the moleicious behaviour until the Gael fakeout in season 3.. before giving us Maryanne in s4. (seriously, i know my 24.)

    FJP.. i was very skeptical when hearing that casting news, but having Starbuck as his love interest gains him some points, as does his character apparently having a big mancrush on Jack.
    i’m giving him…. 6 eps to prove himself, and i start praying for a cougar 😉

  • Alex

    totally forgot Keith Callum Rennie was in this years.

    amazing Canadian actor
    and i’m with you kimberly, putting those BSG vets together and watching the chemistry flow…. damn

  • Me

    “24′ is trite, formulaic right-wing torture porn. It’s past time this right-wing trash gets tossed off the air.


    IMHO: Renee (Annie Wersching) is being groomed as Jack’s replacement, should the series continue, or in a new series.

  • Riley

    To be honest, I’ve never really felt a right-wing vibe in 24. If anything, its ideological moments are to prove that morality comes in shades of grey and that no assumption is a good assumption. Especially in the last season, Jack’s hardcore ways were challenged and even demonized, to an extent. For no season did the series fail to have a big, overdramatic “AT WHAT COST?!” moment to counter all the torture and testosterone.

  • caroms2051

    **Cherry Jones definitely should have her own T V show…..I know for a fact that a script is being developed expressly for Cherry. (Great pic of her this year, at last!)

    Definitely could see Annie Wersching in a spin off/continuation of ’24’ for a Season 9.

    This year’s mole: “Rob Weiss”… the new CoS (because Ethan Kanin hand-picked him)…..and we MUST find out more about Season 7 ‘s conspirators; who leaked the code to the Presidential Safe Room etc.

    Mostly we want to see how the Jack – Renee thing goes down…or comes up (either way is fine).

  • caroms2051

    Hey wait! Look at the picture of Annie Wersching! They photograped the inside seam of her jeans! Plus her cleavage. That photographer should get extra credit (A + +)

  • TVFan

    I really hope this isn’t Jack’s last day! Great pics, especially Katee and Mary-Lynn… WoW

  • computerjeff05

    24 is the best show on earth!!!! I absolutely love it. Will be very very sad when it ends. Please have a season 9 and 10 at least!

  • PhilBee, NZ

    I just hope poor ol’ Jack gets the peace and love he deserves.
    I believe he IS the show, and “24” shouldwrap up with Jack finally finding a safe home (near his daughter and with a good woman).
    Then let the entire show slip into TV folk-lore, not milk it for another few seasons. Once Jack goes, I won’t be watching – he IS Da Man!

    PhilBee, NZ

  • echobase

    24 is just the best on tv!

  • Hookedon24

    Yipppppeeeee! Janeane Garofalo WON’T BE ON THE SHOW!!!

    Yippppppeee! Now I can enjoy the show again!!!

  • holls

    I am keeping fingers crossed for a season 9 with renee as the lead actress and jack as the mole