Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things We’re Thankful For [TV Edition]

Since the major networks inexplicably insist on scheduling many of their most popular shows at the EXACT same time (Only to then wonder, “Hmmm, why are ratings down for FRINGE?”), a PVR/DVR has quickly become the must-own accessory to any living room set-up. So much so that we’ve almost completely blocked out the dark ages of the VCR! Remember those days? When the only way to have a social life (or in our case, watch one show and record another!) was to ‘tape’ shows on ugly and inefficient video cassettes that took up ridiculous amounts of shelf space. Room that is now dedicated to the mortgage payment worth of TV on DVD.

The Current Economic Crisis
If ratings for many of television’s biggest shows are any indication (see the 20 million or so NCIS fans, big numbers for BIG BANG and ABC’s resurgent Wednesday night line-up), there is a silver-lining to the fact that many TV Addicts can no longer afford to spend $80 on a movie ticket, popcorn and dinner. Plus, as an added bonus, networks are being far more patient with high profile low rated fare such as MELROSE PLACE, THE FORGOTTEN and COMMUNITY. All of which are seeing second and third chances to prove themselves so that executives don’t have to risk being the ones responsible for draining millions from the network’s coffers on the next HANK or THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

Shonda Rhimes
When showrunner Shonda Rhimes isn’t busy lessening the blow of T.R. Knight’s surprise exit, remedying the lack of screen time for both Meredith and Izzie (Due to Ellen Pompeo’s real-life pregnancy and Katherine Heigl’s insistence on pumping out bland romantic comedies) by cleverly injecting 3 cc’s of fresh blood into Seattle Grace courtesy of the Mercy West merger, or spearheading some truly compelling story-lines for often under-utilized players such as Patrick Dempsey and James Pickens Jr, she is busily working to maintain the upward momentum of interest in her other medical drama PRIVATE PRACTICE. But what we’re most thankful for, is in what we can only assume is her only three minutes of free time a week, Rhimes never ceases to entertain us with her recent twitter addiction that has her verbally sparring with a group of crazed very passionate fans.

Wednesday Night
Adios Thursday, move over Monday, for Wednesday night has officially become this TV Addict’s favorite night of the week. Thanks in no small part to back-to-back-times-six comedies starting off with CBS’ highly underrated NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and GARY UNMARRIED, followed by ABC’s triple-play of THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY and COUGAR TOWN and of course GLEE.

Yes, YOU, the readers of Without you taking the time to read, contribute, email, tweet, comment and if it wouldn’t be too much to ask — click on the occasional ad or two — would be a far less interesting place to visit. A web site is only as good as its readers and your increasingly frequent participation has only inspired me to work harder, interview more and if I must, continue to attend fabulous celebrity-filled parties and obnoxiously tweet about it.

Assuming you don’t find yourself in a self-inflicted Turkey-induced coma, be sure to check back with over the next two days as we highlight some of the things YOU are thankful for.

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  • Melissa

    TVA! I am thankful for you and all the hard work you do to keep my workday fun!

  • I read this blog every day via RSS and I’ve got to finally ask…why do you always call it a PVR? I mean, I know what it means, but this is the only place I ever see that acronym. Why not just “DVR”?

  • BizarroP

    I am thankful that you put out daily ratings. Thanks TVaddict!

  • Haha, love the bit about Shonda Rhimes. Her twitter is truly entertaining to read via the crazies of Grey’s Anatomy fans.

  • Wait,
    PVR or ‘Personal Video Recorder’ is Canada’s version of the DVR! Thanks for stopping by

  • Wednesday night?! There’s nothing on Wed!!! With Eastwick gone… ugh!

    Best nights are Fridays and Thursdays! :o)