TV Ratings: Tuesday November 24, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS NCIS 19.49 4.2/12
ABC V 9.14 3.0/9
NBC The Biggest Loser 8.20 3.0/9
FOX So You Think You Can Dance 5.94 2.2/7
CW 90210 (R) 1.34 0.6/2
9PM ABC Dancing with the Stars Results 17.50 3.9/11
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 17.14 4.2/11
NBC The Biggest Loser 9.62 4.0/11
FOX So You Think You Can Dance 4.69 1.9/5
CW Melrose Place (R) 0.76 0.4/1
10PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 20.51 4.7/13
CBS The Good Wife 12.26 2.7/8
NBC The Jay Leno Show 4.67 1.8/5

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  • luke

    V’s ratings stayed about the same as last week. That seems promising.

  • I guess all that V propaganda is working, I certainly am not about to piss of Anna 🙂

  • BizarroP

    i thought the ratings for V were up a little from last week… I’m shocked that people are actually watching The Good Wife! Goes to show that CBS can revel in solid ratings for mediocre shows…

  • ABC is hyping V like crazy. I never hear a peep anywhere about NCIS, and it gets double V’s ratings. Dancing With the Stars (not a show I watch, but I know it’s really popular) had their 2-hour season finale, and it just barely beat the brand new NCIS spinoff, which I also have heard virtually nothing about.

    *Clearly*, CBS is using mind control to get its ratings. Perhaps it’s subliminal messaging. Perhaps it’s nanite technology that is infiltrating brains of TV watchers. Nothing else makes sense. 😉

  • How is NCIS getting such remarkable ratings? It’s such a typical one-shot police drama.

  • BizarroP

    old people & lazy tv viewers LOVE procedural drama’s and safe comedies- CBS’s specialty… the “average ‘normal'” tv viewer obviously doesnt like to think and needs everything fed to them

  • Andrea

    With NCIS, it’s not just the procedural drama that brings in the people, it’s the cast as well. There’s a great deal of comedy, banter, and amusing little running jokes and quirks that go throughout the entire episode. And the connection between the cast is just phenomenal! It’s one of those casts that you can tell they get along just as well if not better off screen as they do on screen. They’re close off camera and that carries over to on camera and, in my opinion, that’s really important if you want to get people to feel connected to characters on a show and want to watch them week after week. But it’s all those factors together that make any TV show great.

  • Nathan Simms

    How come Melrose Place doesn’t get a good response from the televiewers?