Watch, PVR, Pass: Wednesday November 25, 2009


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  • Ashley

    For a lack of a better place to post this, I have decided to write this here. Criminal Minds is a show that I particularly enjoy, even though you, Mr. TVAddict, do not. My two cents are that while the show tonight was good, I hate it when a landmark episode, such as the 100th episode becomes more important than the show itself. The show followed a serial killer (not a spoiler, they do it every week) and the case was concluded, but the general atmosphere of the show was completely different, the looks of the actors and actresses as well as the was it was shot was completely different. People that have been watching this show, like it for what it is, and the 100th episode should not make it OK for them to change things up. The make-up was better and the production quality overall was better, but with that being said, don’t tease me with something better, then take it away for episode one-oh-one. That’s cruel.