Morning Static: Thanksgiving TV Marathons, BIG LOVE, Taylor Lautner

• Tired of family already? Here’s a handy list of Thanksgiving TV marathons.
• A Big Tease, courtesy of HBO’s less-than-revealing look at BIG LOVE season four.
• Nailed it! Bill O’Reilly meets his Sesame Street counterpart.
• There’s nothing funny about this, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE succumbs to Twilight-itis by snagging Taylor Lautner to host on December 12.

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  • Linda B.

    I’m tired of family already, and they haven’t even gotten here yet!

  • blueberry

    Really, SNL? Okay, I haven’t cared about SNL for the longest time, and I’m not one of those who hated the JImmy Fallon years (actually, I like the guy), but I’m wondering what in the fuck did Lautner do to impress the SNL folks so much that he’s going to get to host?

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt only just got to host and he did more in one episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun than wolf-boy has ever did.