Good News: NBC is taking THE JAY LENO SHOW off the air. Bad News: For one night only, with Tuesday night’s 8PM address by the President pushing the two-hour BIGGEST LOSER to 9PM. [Source]

Good News: A promo worthy of the anticipation surrounding the final season of LOST has finally hit the internet. Bad News: It’s not in english, and makes ABC’s marketing department look really bad. [Video]

Good News: A SAVED BY THE BELL reunion just got one step closer to becoming a reality. Bad News: With TNT officially canceling the Mark-Paul Gosselaar legal drama RAISING THE BAR. [Source]

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  • Robert

    Yes on Jay Leno!

  • Dave

    Wow I love that Lost promo. Chess theme seams epic.

  • Crazycris

    Yay! If I get it right, we’ll be getting Lost in Spain around the same time as the US!!! FEBRERO can’t get here soon enough!!! Now I just hope it will be playing in dual so I can switch the lingo to English.

    No more Raising the Bar?! Sob!

  • Lesley

    What a shame NBC can’t take Conan “I Suck So Bad” O’Brien along with Jimmy Fallon off the air permanently!