We Preview SCRUBS Season 9 with Donald Faison and Dave Franco


After two networks, countless time slots and more ‘series finales’ than 7TH HEAVEN we care to remember, SCRUBS returns to ABC tomorrow night for an unprecedented unexpected ninth season. And in honour of said momentous occasion, this TV Addict just got off the phone with Donald “Don’t call me Screech” Faison (Turk) and Dave “Don’t call me James” Franco (Cole) who were kind enough to take some time to talk about what fans can expect from SCRUBS: THE NEXT GENERATION.

After season after season of relative job insecurity, just how surprised are you to be promoting the ninth season of the show?
Donald Faison: I don’t know if I’m surprised as much as I am happy. I’m ecstatic that the show came back another year. I hope this doesn’t sound too cocky, but I have the opportunity to make TV history with a show that might run even longer thanks to a bunch of new cast members and new story-lines. It’s great.

Has there been any talk amongst the cast with regards to the parallels between this new version of SCRUBS and SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS?
Donald Faison: I say that all the time! Honestly, I do think it’s like SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS except that I don’t want to be Screech or Belding [Laughs]. I love the new people and I think it’s great that it’s sort of like a revolving door at the hospital because that’s really how a hospital operates. People come and people go.

One of the people who probably won’t be coming through that revolving door this season — at least according to reports — is your fictional better-half Carla (Judy Reyes). What’s it been like not working with someone with whom you had such a close relationship for the previous eight years?
Donald Faison: It’s different because Judy and I had great chemistry. Other than Zach, Judy was the other person on the show who I worked with a lot and had great timing with. With her being gone, it’s a different show and a different Turk. But somebody has to stay at home and raise the two kids while Turk is the Chief of Surgery!

Fair enough, although having watched the show from day one, I’m not gonna lie. It is a little strange not seeing Carla, has there been any talk at all of a guest appearance?
Donald Faison: I have no idea. To be honest, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.

Dave, as the new kid, what’s it like joining such an established comedy?
Dave Franco: It has been fun man. Not to take away from any previous projects I’ve worked on, but this is by far the most fun doing anything up until this point. And I’m not just saying that because Donald is sitting right next to me. I think a lot of that is because the people are really so cool and really grounded and I think that comes from the creator, Bill Lawrence. He has this no a**hole policy, from the cast — right on down to the PA —he won’t hire anyone who is not a genuinely good person and great to be around.

Although funnily enough — on screen — your character is a bit of a womanizing a**hole. How long until we get to meet the parents responsible for turning Cole into such a womanizing S.O.B?
Dave Franco: You’ll meet my mom briefly in the first few episodes, but I definitely talk about my parents a lot. [The character I play] is a terrible kid, but as the season progresses you’ll start to understand why he is the way he is. So while he remains a d*ck throughout, at least you’ll be able to sympathize for him.
Donald Faison: Your character might be a douche, but he has many redeeming qualities and as the season goes on everybody will understand what I’m talking about.
Dave Franco: Thank you Donald.
Donald Faison: Hey, I don’t want everyone to start calling you an a**hole!
Dave Franco: Yeah right!

And on a somewhat unrelated not, I’m curious about your real-life movie star brother. Does having James Franco as an older brother make things easier or harder for an up-and-coming actor in Hollywood?
Dave Franco: I would say it’s harder or easier. It is what it is. He [James] is great about it because he has left me kind of find my own path. He doesn’t really intervene, or tell me what to do, he let’s me learn from my mistake. At the same time if I ever have a question, he’s there to answer it. But at the same time, as much as I respect him and do want to work with him at some point, I want to have my own career.

SCRUBS returns to ABC with back-to-back episodes starting Tuesday December 1 at 9PM

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  • SaneN85

    No clue that he was James Franco’s brother. Did he play on 7th Heaven? I’m really trying very hard to remember which show he used to be on, and I’m having a brain fart. I swear it was something on the WB/CW.

  • I still have my doubts with this show. I’m not sure it’s in the right spirits.

  • Ace

    Sane — According to IMDB he was in one episode of 7th Heaven. But you might also be thinking of him on Privileged just last year. He was Rose’s dorky boyfriend.

  • SaneN85

    Oh, yeah. It was Privileged. I kinda miss that show.

  • Ace

    Me too 🙁

  • J.Crew

    Me too! But, I can’t wait for Scrubs to be back! I always loved it and I stuck by it even when it went thru its bad times (season 7!)

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  • jesicaa Lutty

    i love scrubs it’s so cool 🙂 saad J.D left. can’t wait for season 9! as J.D would say it’s gunna be awsome!