Download and Print Your December 2009 TV Advent Calendar!

Thanks to a heaping of Thanksgiving leftovers the world of television likes to refer to as ‘reruns,’ we’re not about to pretend that December is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ to be a TV Addict. That said, unlike many years prior, this December does have its fair share of hidden gems. And to ensure you don’t miss a moment of DOLLHOUSE’s final string of episodes, GLEE’s fall finale, more Christmas movies than you can shake a stick at, and some guy named Taylor something-or-other hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, is proud to present our version of the Advent Calendar (minus of course, the chocolate): Your downloadable guide to December TV. Available at the following links as both a High Quality PDF or JPG.

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  • TVFan

    As always, much appreciated 🙂

  • pat

    Hey, You guys forgot ’bout the Dexter finale?

  • Nadia

    in your banner, you missed the apostrophe: “an entire month’s worth”