Morning Static: TRUE BLOOD, THREE RIVERS & The Scariest Sentence You’ll Read All Day!

• Free of Prison [Break], Marshall Allman joins TRUE BLOOD.
• Mohinder moves on, Sendhil Ramamurthy joins NBC’s REX.
• Alex O’Oh! CBS yanks the O’Loughlin starrer THREE RIVERS.
• FOX flips out, for fast food comedy series BOB’S BURGERS.
• The following sentence has disaster written all over it: Nicole Richie has signed a deal to headline a new ABC scripted comedy from the executive producer of ACCORDING TO JIM.

  • Nick

    I think Nicole Richie will be a comedy star. She completely stole the show from Paris on The Simple Life. She’s hot, fun and a good actress. Also seems to have more of a level head than her ex-BFF.

  • Josh Emerson

    I don’t have a problem with Nicole Richie. Maybe it’s because she’s always been a lot more likable than Paris, and she was great guest starring on Chuck. I won’t automatically shoot down a show with her.

  • Ace

    Having the According to Jim screenwriter attached is far more frightening than Nicole Richie. She wasn’t bad on Chuck.

  • AA

    I agree, she was pretty good on Chuck, so It’s not THAT scary!