You Be the Critic: SCRUBS Season 9

scrubs season 9

As someone who has stuck with SCRUBS from episode one, last night’s back-to-back return was for lack of a better word: A massive disappointment. That said, having the utmost respect for creator Bill Lawrence and his wish to have a-go at SCRUBS: THE NEW CLASS if only so that hundreds of hard working writers, crew members and actors didn’t find themselves out of a job during this unfortunate economic downturn, this TV Addict thought — rather than take the easy way out by proclaiming the new SCRUBS D.O.A — we’d offer up a few helpful suggestions on what needs to be fixed.

Zach Braff needs to go, and stat!
When we first met the character of John Dorian eight years ago, his incessant need to be loved and never-ending attempt to win Dr. Cox’s approval was both endearing and funny. Yet after season after seasons of watching JD devolve into an overgrown man-child with a penchant for hugging and a propensity for “guy love,” the joke is waaaaaay past its best before date. So much so that we found ourselves actually feeling bad while watching this impending fictional father-to-be continue to so desperately seek the approval of others. Sure, on paper, having JD help launch this new class of SCRUBS might have seemed like a good idea — but in reality — it did nothing more than depress us. And worse…

… Remind us that Kerry Bishe is no Zach Braff.
Bishe, who has the unenviable task of stepping into Braff’s shoes as neurotic narrater/newcomer Lucy Bennett simply didn’t show that she has what it takes to carry a series on her own. After-all, as loyal fans of SCRUBS might recall, the series in the beginning was truly about JD’s journey. A journey whose success and failure pretty much hinged on the immense likability of a then young, excitable and very marketable Hollywood “It” Boy. Only later would the series evolve into the live-action equivalent of THE SIMPSONS as season after season allowed for the addition of a whole slew of characters that comprised Sacred Heart…

… Which brings us to this cast of characters.
Although crutches and hospitals traditionally go hand-in-hand, last night’s season premiere relied far too heavily on them. And by that we mean, if SCRUBS version 2.0 is really ever going to stand on its own two feet, it’s going to have to do so by relying far less heavily on familiar faces such as Turk, Dr. Cox, and Kelso. Whose stories, are not only tired (Seriously, after eight seasons do we really need to see Dr. Cox give another med student a hard time?), but take away valuable screen time from the new crop of Med students who are, through no fault of their own, so forgettable we only remember them by their clichés (see: Damaged, jock, Crazy neurotic blonde, and Richie Rich.)

Agree, disagree, post away!

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  • I agree with a lot of your points, especially about Lucy not being enough to carry the series. I can only handle so much rehashing of the “you can’t help everyone” before it feels like I’ve seen it all before. And apparently “so much”=”one instance”. And her fantasy sequence? Terrible. And it’s unfortunate, because she’s likable enough.

    Meanwhile, I hated Cole and the actor choice at first, but by the end he grew on me some, mostly because of WingMom, which was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. By the end of the second episode, I was more willing to give him (and the new version of the show) more of a chance.

    I agree about taking Zach Braff out of the mix, or at least scaling him WAY down. It helped having him there to transition, but his role was just way too much when they’re trying to introduce new characters. I did always like Denise though and I was really glad to see her back, and I’d like to see more focus on her. She’s still a young doctor with lots of stuff to learn, but her personality is SO different from J.D.’s that I almost think she would’ve worked better as the new lead with all these crazy kids around. Plus, that actress, even in a stand-offish role, is so charismatic.

  • I had low hopes for this season of scrubs, and I don’t think the show even met those. It was painfully unfunny. I do agree that perhaps totally eliminating the old cast might improve things. (I apologize ahead of time that I don’t know any of the new character’s names…) I found younger James Franco’s character incredibly annoying, and as you said, the female JD is not strong enough to carry the show. I thought the blonde doctor was better when she was the intern “Jo” last year–not enjoying her as much this year. The Australian supermodel was funny, and there were a couple funny lines here and there–but overall very disappointing.

  • TVFan

    Agreed on all points. The premiere was such a disappointment. That being said, I will give the show another shot as Bill Lawrence definitely gets the benefit of the doubt.

    And offcolortv, I’m in agreement with you that I much would have preferred to see Denise headline the show. She was easily the strongest of the newcomers last season and the only funny part of last night’s two episodes.

  • Let me be the one that disagrees. I enjoyed both episodes last night. I like the old jokes, Guy Love can never get old nor can the “Eagle” bit. I like the new cast and I think its a good mix of old and new. Would I prefer a lot more of the old with the new, sure, but that’s probably not going to happen. I will keep watching.

  • BizarroP

    I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to. I didnt laugh alot but I havent laughed out loud during scrubs in a long time, but its ok when I have a smile on my face the entire time, which i did more or less this time around. Lucy grew on me quickly, even if her face is pretty unrecognizable for me, but I enjoyed the actress… I Loved her Lifetime original movie fantasy- that is when I definately was laughing… Ive been a fan of Denise since last season so I’m glad they brought her back. Where the h-e-double hockey stick is Carla?????????? Id love to see Elliot in more scenes… Overall, I’m liking it… not loving it. I dont think it will last long though…

  • Ace

    I think if the show is going to survive, they have to be very careful not to repeat the EXACT same story lines for Lucy that JD went through a few years ago. That whole drug addict thing was done in season 1 or 2… BUT I actually really started to like her by the end of that episode, so I think she could be strong enough to carry the show. As long as they don’t make her too much like JD.

    The biggest point that I agree with you on is Zach Braff. Poor JD has become a characture of his already insane self and that is not what the show needs. And that comes from someone who LOVES Scrubs (aka all 8 seasons are taking up residence on my bookshelves) and Zach.

    I’m glad that they kept Denise from last season, but I hope they bring back the Famous Jett Jackson! The kid needs a job and he was really funny.

  • Alison

    I mostly disagree. I’ve always loved Scrubs and I can’t give up on it now. I did laugh at some parts (anything with Denise and the wing-mom). I’ll keep watching, but I hope it gets better.

  • DWhite

    Episode #1 was rough … more like sad … but #2 held some promise for the future. Agree that the whole JD thing isn’t working; they need to dial it down along with The Todd. Still, it was nice to see the show back

  • scrubslvr89

    Yeah, definitely disagree. The Lucy comment makes sense, but I don’t think you entirely understand the transition or intention. I mean it’s ok I don’t think a lot of people are meant to understand it right away. This isn’t suppose to be like every other scrubs season, it’s meant more as an off shoot. Bill Lawrence has said it more than once. Lucy isn’t suppose to carry the show(I think she did a fine job doing the J.D. bit); however, the show needs someone to do what J.D. because like you said it WAS his journey and now it’s hers. I laughed at quite a bit for the first two episodes, and have nothing but high hopes for this season. And how can you say that J.D. jokes are getting old…. You sir are not a diehard scrubs fan.

  • midge

    Scrubs still is funny. Even the new episodes. It’s a new show, guys. Give it a chance. I laughed a few times very hard and I see potential in it!
    Looking forward to the new eps.

  • I have mixed feelings about J.D. He’s been the heart of the show, but I admit, the immaturity and “guy love” thing are getting a little old. Actually, Peri’s grump shtick is getting a little old too.

    I really like Kerry Bishe as Lucy. She’s hot & cute at the same time, and I like that she’ll take over the narration & fantasy scenes when J.D. leaves or becomes recurring. I do fear, however, that her “journey” will be too much a rerun of everything J.D. went through.

    I like that Denise survived the transition, but I don’t like “Richie Rich” guy. I’m assuming that Kelso will be recurring at most which I’m fine with, and I’m thrilled that Janitor is gone. According to Wikipedia, Sam Lloyd won’t be back as Ted. That’s slightly sad but understandable.

    I still like the show. Not every joke works, but the two episodes still made me laugh out loud a couple times. I’m very willing to give it a chance.

  • grumpyoldman

    Lucy is soooo hot!! Get rid of the Braff. He’s a one trick pony, and the circus has left town.

  • forg

    I think the pseudo-spin off worked. And for you guys complaining about JD, he will be only in 6/13 episodes so give him some slack, it was necessary to bring him back for the “passing of the torch” and maybe as we speak Zach already finished his episodes.

    I like Lucy, but I do agree that she should not be just JD’s female version, but its too early too tell but I did enjoyed her. She is refreshing. Denise is always great and well I think she suits well as a supporting than the one who will carry the show, she is perfect the way it is.

    And Carla will not appear at all because the actress declined the offer for her to guest star or go recurring

  • Chris

    Are you all crazy. Blind to the funny that it gave. Yes, it wasn’t always funny but it doesn’t have to be. It has a great intro and the following episodes are funny and interesting. It’s introducing all the new characters and mixing the old characters to start off the new season. We have to support the series, it’s better than some series now! One of a kind…And Zach Braff is good to stay in the season, he is not bad at all.

  • scootser

    I didn’t even know Scrubs was renewed for season 9 until I stumbled across a promo tonite on TV for next week’s episode. After what I thought was a pretty painful season 8, I wasn’t very hopeful for season 9 but watched all the episodes in a row and think it’s definitely time for Lawrence to give this thing a decent burial. At some point it just becomes like pissing on the memory of something great. The shark has been jumped. Someone turn out the lights.

  • Eoghan

    It was a classic after “my finale” should have just been left alone the book closed the new cast are ok but it just ain scrubs

  • Michael

    Ok here is the deal. Scrubs was a great show and this new building and the janitor being gone and no more carla. Bad choice carla was a great funny and sassy part of the show. Every time there was a problem she was there. And NO JD MUST STAY. The entire show was about him and he can’t go. When this show first started and the actors were nobody’s i didn’t think much about it. But later i realized the chemistry of the characters on and off set. They inspired me to work harder and i graduated from a performing arts high school majoring in drama and wanted to become the next kid on some new comedy show that no one knew. Anyway the point is here that this show worked so well and now they want to throw that all away and get rid of the characters that ran the show. No more guy love, jd and turk helped each other along since med school, and even though i wish the old sacred heart was back i can deal with the new one. But getting rid of elliot,jd, and carla is HORRIBLE. This would ruin the show if anything just despite you guys the should up the jd guy love character with turk. And more tension with dr.cox and jd. This is a great show and changing it completely would ruin it. And you creator guy YOU WERE A GENUIS when creating the first eight seasons but to do this was a BIG mistake. And you will regret it when your ratings plummet when you remove jd. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT.

  • eric

    @Michael shouldn’t you give the new cast the same chance that you gave the old cast when scrubs first started. I think this show will work if they stop trying to remake the old characters with the new ones.

  • Heineken

    you can’t just expect to make a character and leave it like that for this long.. even 8 years was to long..

    look at the comedy .. well lets take a popular one… “friends”: Joey wasnt a dumb but funny character at first.. but around the fifth season he changed into that.. why? Because the writers (and who knows who else) had seen that the ‘italian kid with charmes’ only works for so long before getting old. Even all the other characters in that show made subtle changes in their character.

    TBH: i still like JD and i agree, the whole torch thing was a great idea. Its a good thing he is gone now though and as most here: i agree that lucy shouldnt be TO much like JD..

    Just my 2 P..

  • don

    No, no, no, no, no! What are all of you talking about? “Scrubs” is terribly disappointing and rarely funny anymore. The previous eight seasons were so superior to this. While the main humor of the series has always been kind of slapstick and silly, it was the subtle jokes and the bit characters that always made it special. Now, all of the topnotch supporting cast are gone, and the remaining characters have been turned into caricatures of their former roles. What used to be the quirks of J.D., Turk, and Perry Cox have become their entire characters now. And the new cast seems to be simply a hollow attempt to remake the original show, only with poorer acting and worse writing. Why couldn’t the cast have been kept more intact? I would have much rather seen an attempt to evolve a show I already loved, than to simply create a cheap and uninspired remake that will almost certainly not survive the season. The only reason I have followed this season to date is out of loyalty and fondness for the original show. If this was a new series, I would have tuned out at the first commercial break. As it is, I don’t know if I will be able to stomach it until its inevitable cancellation in a few weeks. Oh, where have you gone, Ted, Jordan, Bob, the Todd, Carla, Elliot, Janitor………..? “Scrubs- Season 9” has become the modern-day “Joanie loves Chachi”.

  • Michael

    It is amazing:)

    But i miss JD….
    But lucy is really good aswell, very similar, but just different enough to make it good:)

    I hope JD comes back in season 10:D

  • Nate

    I love this show I wAtched it from the beginning and have all the seasons. I am ashamed of most of the fans that have written there comments of season 9. Now a days people and networks don’t give shows a chance. You have to look at this like the show ER. They introduced new characters and said goodbye to old ones and yet that show stayed on for 15 years. You why that show lasted so long, because of the fans and the idea of the show and that they rather learn to love the new characters than see the show be cancelled

  • It’s important to remember the idea of the show and why we watch hospital comedy. JD and Co were great over the last 8 years but, it is time for them to move on. The characters had developed from Interns into senior doctors, with a small drop of reality here, in most hospitals that means less patient contact and more paperwork. I am not sure that even Scrubs writers can make pen pushing funny.
    The show has maintained the comedy aspect gained from the patients and not forgetting the characteristics of the different doctors. Perry, a great character remains himself and that is crucial for the show’s success. Kelso still appears here and there, to drop in some dry, carefree, cold jokes. Turk still struggles with maturing into the expected senior surgeon, and Elliot is around with her self-centred view on life. The only major change is the presence of JD, a great character who provided the backbone to most jokes and story loops, but in honesty I think Lucy is doing a good job. It’s a huge sudden plot change but it can work if the Scrub fans give it time. I remember the first series of Scrubs, it took me two watches before I actually enjoyed it as much as I do now. Soo guys give this one time…its the best thing closest to Scrubs on TV right now.

  • sharon

    greatest show ever!!!

  • Adrian

    Just wanted to add my two cents.. I love Scrubs.. I love the old version, and I love this new version. The new characters are enjoyable, and I think that in a sea of terrible shows and lackluster writing, Scrubs 2.0 is a shining light.

    PLEASE .. let’s keep this on the air.

  • SamW

    As a huge Scrubs enthusiast, I was very excited when I noticed Scrubs was continuing the story. However I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t watch Scrubs from beginning to end–(I may be getting off track for a moment, but it may serve my point.)
    I saw, for the most part, many random episodes for the longest time until it all kind of peiced together for me. Still I’d been waiting until the whole story was complete for me before I watched the final season and the finale. Unfortuneatley I didn’t get to watch the entire ending season of scrubs but I did manage to youtube most, if not all, important scenes of the finale and it absolutely blew me away. (Now to get back on subject)
    I do believe that the finale was a perfect place to end the series, but I absolutely want more if it’s being offered. I’ve been keeping up with this new season and I aside from some bumps, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
    I don’t want to spoil anything but some of the bumps were:
    1.After a couple of episodes I decided that Cole really shouldn’t be a main character. He truely annoys me to no end.
    2. Dr. Cox seems quite a bit less… all-together furious. (However this may simply be the outcome of finding an intern that will follow in his footsteps without asking for a hug every step of the way.)
    3. I DO NOT care about Lucy. I honestly would rather Drew or Turk taking over as the narrator. The creators of Scrubs obviously found a character who could almost match J.D.’s personality and naivite as he entered, but she has failed to reach to status of the narrator in the eyes of the audience. Her stories seem unimportant and leave me wanting to know how the other students are doing.
    3. Every character seems to have started off in a relationship with little to no explaination. I think if the main characters are going to settle down with eachother, they should bounce around between some other relationships before they do so. (Just as J.D. and Eliot did in the previous seasons.)

    Some positive things…
    1. Drew was a great addition to the cast. He takes on the position as Dr. Cox’s shadow. What adds for more humor is the fact that Dr. Cox is almost bent on making everyone in the hospital aware that Drew is his “#1”. Still, Cox remains apathetic towards every other “murderer”, as he calls them, that sets foot in the university.
    2. Denise (or Joe) has almost replaced J.D. as Turk’s main man at the hospital. It may not sound appealing at first, but Denise has really found her way into my heart in the new season. In fact, were Scrubs not meant to be based on the story of a successful doctor starting at the beginning of their career, Denise would have made an excellent new narrator.
    3. It’s exciting to watch Turk take the position that Cox had as mentor to the interns when the first season of Scrubs launched. Not to mention Cox seems to be where Kelso was at the same time. (Hard at work as the cheif of medicine, but still finding plenty of time to torment the interns/students.)
    It may sound like the bad outweighs the good but be sure to give the new Scrubs a chance and watch several episodes before placing your ratings. The transition from old the new watch a bit unnatural but I can feel the season improving with each episode. Still, regardless of the bumps, the new season makes me laugh histerically. Hope it satisfies. It has for me. 🙂

  • truth train

    I feel the whole transition was a mistake and it should have ended at season 8. It's understable to give it a try but i feel that it should have been an entire new cast as the mixture of old and new dosn't work as I felt unable to connect with the new as they have to battle for screen time with the reprising roles.
    I also belive that JD should not have appeared in this season, along with the rest of the old cast yet for that point it was clear that this scrubs was never going to work as im sorry if you disagree but it is true….JD is scrubs, the two go hand in hand and with him gone so is the show.

  • MN16

    I just started watching scrubs .. (season 9) and honestly i find it amazing! it is so what us teens are thinking these days its so relate-able. From day one i fell in love with the show! i didn't and couldn't miss any episodes. Many people love the previous seasons, and from what i have caught up on … from watching the previous seasons i feel like the people my age would prefer watching season 9 narrated by Lucy rather than the previous seasons. I'm not saying that i dislike the other seasons or JD, i just find myself .. as a girl liking when Lucy is narrating.
    I hope this show goes on forever (L) ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

  • MG96

    Season 9 wasn't terrible, it wasn't as good as any other scrubs seasons. i like the new characters, although JD just steals the show completely. i think that for this new series to work, they needed to make it almost a completely new show, but they didn't. Its basically just scrubs without JD, Carla, Elliot, The Janitor and most of the other characters that i loved.
    Overall I liked it, but they should definitely has ended it at Seaso8. it had a perfect ending.

  • Jay McGilton

    Scrubs is a fantastic comedy and the would have ended on a high if My Finale was their last episode. I do not know why Bill Lawrence decided to launch a new season, especially without Neil Flynn and Judy Reyes, not to mention our beloved Zach Braff.

    Changing the plot and set is no way to change a television show. The hospital we know and love is gone and now a new medical school.

    Lucy cannot lead the show. Sure she's a good actor, but no way is she good enough to replace JD's role.

  • Jane