Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Stories Irking C.T. This Week

Grinchy Technicians
The National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians — upset about current contract negotiations — announced plans to disrupt NBC’s annual “Christmas In Rockerfeller Center” telecast, saying via press release, “We can’t let the Grinch at NBC steal another Christmas from thousands of honest, hard-working people.” So, um, afford me a moment of clarity, guys: You can’t abide NBC screwing up Christmas for thousands of your members, so to express that, you’ll interrupt a beloved holiday tradition enjoyed by millions of people? Extra coal in your stockings.

Racing Idiots
Apparently, Caitlin Upton — aka the Miss Teen USA contestant who personally believes that U.S. Americans are unable to locate their country on a world map because some people out there don’t have maps and our education such as in Africa and the Iraq and so on — will be a contestant on the next cycle of THE AMAZING RACE. Remember when this show was content to have fat frat boys and squabbling siblings instead of pseudo celebs like this twit?

Self-Actualized Guidos
According to Mike Sorrentino, one of the braincell-challenged cast members of MTV’s JERSEY SHORE, “a guido in our circles is like a good looking Italian guy.” Really? So if someone walks into a bar y’all are hanging out and says, “Dude, look at all these guidos,” you and your friends will respond by saying, “Why thank you, sir, for the kind compliment!” Yeah, right.

ARRESTED’s Undevelopment
Word has come down that nobody’s even started working on a script for the long-discussed ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT flick. Any body out there who still believes this is going to happen, give me a call. I’ve got a Bluth-built model home in Newport Beach to sell you for a great price.

Fool’s Gold
Proving himself a complete and total sham, Glenn Beck has continued screaming from the rooftops — not to mention on fellow Fox nitwit Bill O’Reilly’s show — that everyone should be buying gold. Not exactly coincidentally, nearly every commercial break during his show features an in which firms try selling — yup, you’ve got it — gold. Worse, the conspiracy theory-specialist is a “paid spokesman” for a company which sells gold!

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  • God, I hate Glenn Beck. He makes no effort to be rational.

  • grumpyoldman

    Big Brother’s Jordan and Jeff are on the race currrently being filmed.