• ABC pauses FLASHFORWARD, bumps return from January to March.
• From the department of dream casting comes… Lea Michele + Idina Menzel = GLEE!
• An ENTOURAGE movie? Vinnie Chase might become an actual movie star.
• Awkward, Comcast embarrassed about NBC!
• From the department of “Huh?”… comes the news that Rascall Flatts will be guesting on an upcoming episode of CSI

  • Charlie

    Casting Idina Menzel as Rachel’s bio mom is kind of a no-brainer!

  • BizarroP

    Entourage– what can i say??? this show has completely worn out its welcome. Id prefer it they just cancel the show altogether. Vince is hardly the star, in fact, he barely gets any lines at all anymore. Eric has been and always will be annoying. Turtle is useless. Drama and Ari are just parodies of what they once were… The only bright spot was Lloyd and that last season was built on him being Ari’s personal ash tray until he couldnt deal with having his balls skinned once again and decided to quit 20 episodes later for the zillionth time until Ari had an unbelieveable change of heart in the last episode after stalking lloyd. seriously, if I didnt have seperation anxiety from t.v. shows I would stopped watching seasons ago… alas, id probably watch that ill fated movie if they did it but itll be nowhere near as successful or as entertaining as the sex and the city movie (which really was just a mini season marathon)