Morning Static: Adam Lambert, JERSEY SHORE, Joss Whedon & More!

• Let’s get ready to rumble [with Elisabeth Hasselbeck], Adam Lambert gets booked on THE VIEW.
• Savvy like a FOX Werewolf, as the network green-lights a show revolving around the next most popular thing to Vampires.
• It’s Comcastic! Conan O’Brien welcomes his new corporate overlords as only Conan O’Brien can.
• Fugetaboutit! Domino’s yanks ads from MTV’s JERSEY SHORE.
• The Exit Interview, Joss Whedon shares his final thoughts on the DOLLHOUSE debacle in a fantastic interview with the Chicago Tribune’s Mo Ryan.

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  • Athena606

    i for one really liked Wolf Lake and hope that this new werewolf series is given a chance…