We Dissect DEXTER’s Fatal Flaw (Aside From the Whole Vigilante Justice Thing!)


As much as last night’s penultimate episode of DEXTER had us on the edge of our seat, we would like to take issue with one little aspect of the show. Namely, the fact that anyone who gets even remotely close to exposing the truth about Dexter’s extra-curricular activities ends up dead, and fast! Take last night’s latest victim for example, Christine, who all too-conveniently put a bullet to her brain just moments before sharing with slowly-catching-on-Deb the one piece of the puzzle that would have made everything abundantly clear to Dexter’s poor sister. Admittedly, we suppose if we’re gonna continue on the roller coaster that is DEXTER, buying into the idea that our anti-hero can’t realistically ever be caught is the price of admission. That said, knowing that the Trinity Killer is an odds on favourite to soon be joining The Ice Truck Killer, Lila and Miguel Prado six feet under sure does take a bit of the suspense out of next week’s finale. We’re just sayin’

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  • Allie

    Interesting. I kind of just assumed that Trinity would be killed by Dexter, but now I wonder what if he actually gets arrested and sits in jail tormenting Dexter about whether or not he’ll spill about Dexter, with Dex being unable to get to him. Although Trinity doesn’t have that much to spill – he doesn’t know that Dexter has killed anyone, he just knows that he’s not Kyle Butler and he clearly has something to hide. Hmmm, this alternative could play out well (although I reckon Trinity will end up dead like you said).

  • OldDarth

    Unless it does not play out like we expect.

  • Allie,
    I would love to see the police beat Dexter to the punch, arrest Trinity and have Arthur Mitchell haunt Dexter from jail throughout the next season. It’s exactly what I was hoping would have happened with Doakes – as it was such a shame to have the brilliant Erik King killed off the show.

    That said, I’d be surprised if it happens. Which OldDarth has been the problem with every single season finale following season one. It always plays out exactly how we expect it to!

  • bws

    The problem is that Lithgow is still a decent name in the biz. Would he sign on for some role next season, in prison even? It doesn’t seem likely.

    “Dexter” has never gone with cliffhanger finales. Their finales are wrap-ups – putting a bow on the season. The season premiers are more cliffhanger-like. In that regard, each season of Dexter stands pretty well on its own.

  • Linda B.

    It would be nice if there were a shock or surprise in the season finale. Last season, the second to last episode was better than the last. Having said this, I hope there is no cliffhanger. Premium cable shows go sooo long between seasons, I would hate to wait 9 months to see what happens next!

  • Dave

    I would definitely not like a cliff hanger ending. The wait between seasons is just too long. That being said I would love for the final episode to stray from the past seasons formula that is dexter almost gets caught, the cops almost catch who dexter is going after, dexter gets the kill end of season.

    Just saying but how insane would it be for Dexter to kill trinity but not be able to clean up his kill room right away before the cops close in and he is forced to flee. He doesn’t get caught but you would think that it would maybe reopin the bay harbor butcher case.

    A little far fetched but just thinking anything would be better then the basic formula that the show has gone in past seasons.