What Shows Do You Only Watch Online?

If there is one downside to the networks holding onto many of their lesser rated series this season (Rather than cancel them outright as in years past), it’s that PVR/DVR space is at a premium. Seriously. Now more than ever, TV Addicts such as myself are constantly fighting an uphill battle as we attempt to watch, record and erase many of our favorites (Particularly since we may-or-may-not steadfastly refuse to delete those final four episode of EVERWOOD that have been taking up space on our hard drive for years.) Which is why, as of late we’ve started to notice a peculiar trend in our viewing habits. Rather than risk the dreaded “Recording was cut short due to lack of hard drive space” message, we’ve started to relegate certain shows to online viewing only. Shows that don’t necessarily warrant β€” yes we’re talking to you last night’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES plane crash that looked to have cost no more than $18 in glue and model airplanes β€” are now predominantly watched online (thank-you-very-much CTV.ca). A trend that begs the question, are we the only ones who have started to do this? And what shows do you deem important enough to keep up with, but more on a casual online-only viewing basis?

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  • Ace

    It’s funny the mention this b/c I JUST said on another post that I always watch The Office and 30 Rock. They are against Fringe and Grey’s which I also watch and are short, so they are easier to catch on-line. I also really like that NBC put all of the seasons of 30 Rock up on Netflix instant. I was able to catch up this summer that way :). But I much rather watch my shows on my TV.

  • Josh C.

    I only watch a few shows online. Community and HIMYM are at the top of that list. And I hate to say it but glee is an online watch too until recently when it wasn’t up against anything and I DVRd it

  • bws

    yeah, it’s totally the comedies that work in the online format as of now. for me it’s community and cougar town.

  • I watch Ugly Betty online, because I do not watch television on Friday nights, but I’m glad it’s moving to Wednesdays, but I’ll probably continue to watch it primarily online. Living in Canada and not paying for or having access to HBO or TNT or Showtime, I watch all the US cable shows online. But I don’t watch them on ctv.ca or network websites because I think they are bullshit and there are too many ads plastered everywhere.

  • NikkiHolly

    Grey’s Anatomy, Dollhouse, and One Tree Hill

  • Totally watch tv online due to that fact. I like to watch ‘Young & Restless’ on line at cbs.com. ABC’s Wed. comedies (Modern Family/Cougar Town) and occassionally whatever ep I missed and want to catch. On line’s great for that. -)

  • Rueben

    Bones because Thursdays at 8 PM are a bear – too many shows all scheduled against each other. Everything else I watch live or on DVR.

  • Josh Emerson

    Gavin and Stacey, because it doesn’t air in the US. So I download the episodes a few hours after they air in Britain.

    Dexter, because I’m not paying for Showtime just for one single show.

  • Kirsten

    HIMYM, Big Bang Theory and basically all the British TV I don’t get here in Canada. I’d love to watch the first two live, but I don’t have the time on Mondays. πŸ™

  • Jody

    I only watch TV online if I’ve missed an episode of one of my shows, and need to catch up. If a show isn’t good enough for my valuable DVR space, it’s not good enough for my valuable time either!

    But I admit that having time-shifting and the Canadian network schedules to choose from, means I rarely have a problem fitting everything in.

  • Hil

    FlashForward (I watch Bones live instead because it is lighter and I can follow it upwith a darker Fringe), Stargate Universe, and Legend of the Seeker because it is on at 4pm on Saturdays and I am rarely home at that time. Otherwise I try to catch stuff live.

  • Bert

    I watch Sons of Anarchy and Damages online, since DishNetwork decides to only carry FX in their most expensive premium package.

  • Jillian

    I watch all of my television online. So if the networks don’t make it convenient (such as hulu) then I don’t watch it. Now, I actually watch more shows than I did when I owned a television.

  • everything online. πŸ˜‰

  • Jennie

    I watch shows online that aren’t doing very well in the ratings, because I’m not a “Nielsen Family” and I want the network to “count” my watching. I know that they don’t really care, but I feel like MMMAAYYBBEE they might pay attention, so …
    I watch Ugly Betty, Castle, Eastwick, Medium, and Glee. Then I tell myself that I helped the shows that I love.

  • Rachel C.

    I watch all the shows on ABC I like online. Don’t really know why, I just don’t really watch much major network TV live. Ugly Betty, Flash Forward, Greys Anatomy, and Eastwick (before they took it off the website). The only shows I watch live are Big Bang Theory,Criminal Minds and V.

  • LB

    There are quite a few shows that I watch online:
    -Greek and Sons of Anarchy because they don’t air in Canada.
    -Friday Night Lights because I just can’t wait til next summer.
    -The Big Bang Theory, The Office, FlashForward & due to my lack of a PVR/DVR. How I Met Your Mother will be added to online viewing come January because that’s when Chuck returns!

  • Asap

    I watch almost all my shows online because I have no time to watch them when they air. I spend many a weekend catching up on all my shows (which are quite numerous!)

  • jamie

    I’m in college and have zero time for TV so I watch everything online. The only show I watch live is Glee because all my friends watch too. None of my friends really want to watch and discuss the decline of Betty and Don;s relationship on Mad Men. That’s why I have the TV Addict…

  • amelia

    i am in college and i don’t even own a tv, i watch EVERYthing online – so do a lot of my friends. I used to go over to my bf’s house to watch Glee because his roommates pay for cable and DVR and i couldn’t wait the day for it to be uploaded. but now i dont have a bf so i’ll watch that online too.

  • Amy D

    I watch everything online except for the odd day I’ll watch the actual TV.
    I like having no commercials πŸ˜›

  • Kristen

    90210, Melrose Place, Modern Family, Mercy, Community, The Vampire Diaries, and V.

  • SaraR

    I watch Legend of the Seeker online, since we can’t get it in Canada without subscribing to a ridiculously priced cable package. Everything else I can DVR.

  • Linda B.

    I completely agree with Jody –

    “I only watch TV online if I’ve missed an episode of one of my shows, and need to catch up. If a show isn’t good enough for my valuable DVR space, it’s not good enough for my valuable time either!”

  • Nick

    ONLY online? Nothing. (Why did people start buying 54-inch big-screen TVs…and then decide to watch TV on a computer screen or 2″ x 2″ ipod??)

    If I happen to miss an episode of LOST (rare, but possible), I will most definitely look for it on ABC.com.

    But honestly, I think the whole phenomenon on online viewing is another myth that will fizzle out.

  • Levana

    Sanctuary and True Blood, since I don’t have cable.