Morning Static: FRINGE, 30 ROCK & LOST

• FRINGE has fans! 45% more of them when seven-day DVR viewership is factored in.
• Elizabeth Banks to rock Jack Donaghy’s world, signing on to 30 ROCK for at least four episodes.
• Bonnie says Bye, reveals to staffers that her daytime talk show will end its run in September.
• Chrismukkah Comes Early, with HitFix naming THE OC as one of its best TV shows of the decade.
• Stocking Stuffer Alert! 70% off LOST Season 1-5 on DVD or Blu-ray.

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  • Josh Emerson

    That review of The OC is incredibly accurate. The first and last seasons were fantastic. Now I feel like watching them!

  • Josh,
    Agreed! When Amazon offers up a goldbox deal on THE OC before Christmas *fingers crossed* I just may have to reach for my wallet.

  • Ace

    It may be killing me a little not to jump on the LOST deal. Must remind self that complete box set will be better. Amazon has had some great tv show on DVD deals in the last few weeks.

  • Be strong Ace!

  • bws

    Same here Ace, I’m waiting for the blu-ray box set… at which time I’ll also be buying my first blu-ray player. I just hope it’s not a bare-bones edition.

    The first season of the OC was top-notch. Remember the model home? Oh, good times, good times…

  • Dave

    It makes me want to go back and actually watch the last season. Couldn’t stand to watch Ryan being a cage fighter? LOL Also I always thought the one girl was annoying and hard to watch, think Taylor was her name.

  • kevin

    don’t call it that

  • I hope this means Fringe has FOX’s support. Or, move it back to Tuesdays. What a genius idea.

  • bws

    I’m not surprised Fringe gets a huge bump. I believe Grey’s was the other top show getting a DVR bump. 8pm CST on Thursday is the most competitive time slot on TV. I wonder how many people are watching the Office and/or 30 Rock online now.

  • Dave,
    Post-cage fighting Ryan (Which I believe only lasts one or two episodes), the final season is fantastic and highly recommended!

  • Dave

    Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely try to pick up where I left off. I was very excited for that season as I thought Marissa dying was perfect for the show but the season openers just left me wondering what was going on and when I heard it was it’s last season I just quit watching.