We’ve Got Your Sneak Peek of DEXTER’s Shocking Season Finale

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How do you know when a network such as Showtime hasn’t simply fallen victim to hyperbole when they bill Sunday’s DEXTER season finale as “One of the most thrilling endings. Ever.” May we present Exhibit “A,” also known as these just-obtained video teasers that feature Deb finally beginning to connect the dots, Arthur Mitchell confronting Dexter, and a family reunion that has us moments away from picking up the phone just to tell our Dad how much we love him. Seriously, now just imagine what Showtime’s holding back

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Think you know how DEXTER is going to end? Have your say here.

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  • John

    Wow, this is going to be un-freaking-believable. I don’t know what I’m more tense about: Dexter vs. Trinity or the fact that Deb might finally put the pieces together and figure out who Dexter really is.

  • John,
    Assuming of course that Trinity will be taken care of I for one am far more excited for what I’ve waited three seasons for: Deb getting a clue!

  • Kevin

    The episodes title, ” The Getaway” sounds ominous. Is Dex going to have to hit the road because Deb’s getting too close to his secret? It seems logical that Trinity will end up on the table, but I’m wondering if this 4th season finale will be different from the others, I bet it will be….

  • Dave

    Wow kind of makes me think a little more toward what I was saying in the last Dexter post. Can’t wait til sunday!

  • Dave

    Posted this in the last thread and thought I would bring it up to this one for maybe more discussion.

    I would definitely not like a cliff hanger ending. The wait between seasons is just too long. That being said I would love for the final episode to stray from the past seasons formula that is dexter almost gets caught, the cops almost catch who dexter is going after, dexter gets the kill end of season.

    Just saying but how insane would it be for Dexter to kill trinity but not be able to clean up his kill room right away before the cops close in and he is forced to flee. He doesn’t get caught but you would think that it would maybe reopin the bay harbor butcher case.

    A little far fetched but just thinking anything would be better then the basic formula that the show has gone in past seasons.

  • Linda B.


    If my satellite goes out Sunday night, I will be PISSED!

    Can’t wait 🙂

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  • Susan P.

    I can’t even imagine what will happen in the finale. I too would hate a big cliffhanger as the seasons are too far apart. I would be surprised if Dexter doesn’t take Trinity out, in fact I think it’s inevitable, but there may be a surprise in store for us if that is what we would typically expect!

    And as for Deb getting a clue…do you think it’s possible? hahaha

  • George

    I’m not going to drop any spoilers, but I just finished watching the finale. I feel sick. The story and the ending are FANTASTIC but the ending actually made me feel physically ill.