GLEE Ends 2009 on a High Note (Alternate Title: Our Life Will Suck Without It!)


With last night’s episode of GLEE serving as a potential series finale — that is until America caught the GLEE-ver that is currently gripping the nation — it didn’t take a psychic to guess that writers Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk would be ending 2009 off on a high note. Which is why, after 13 episode of glorious highs (“Wheels”) and dizzying lows (Terri Schuester), it all came down to this: Sectionals! And in honour of last night’s episode — which was both a phenomenally fun way in which to cap off 2009 and a painful reminder that GLEE will be off the air until April 2010 — proudly presents our GLEE-ful mix of 13 loves and loathes.

1. Loathed Rachel Berry, for not only starting off the episode by reminding certain TV Addicts that they’re susceptible to passing on a rare genetic disorder called Tay-Sachs in the hopes that Quinn would get Puck tested for “Jewish Baby Disease” and Finn might finally catch on to the fact that you can’t get a girl pregnant by making out in a hot-tub, the Bye Bye Birdie inspired party-line had us scratching our head as to when these gang of outcasts became “Besties” with Cheerios team members Brittany and Santana (Who in an unexpected turn of events, may be dating!) and why the show has yet to address the Tina/Artie relationship bombshell that hasn’t been talked about since “Wheels.”

2. Loved Emma Pillsbury, who was put in charge of New Directions after Mr. Schuester got banned following last week’s “Mattress-Gate.” Even though it was up to her to decide the set list for sectionals (Cynical TV Addict Alert!) seeing as though the gang couldn’t possibly perform “Proud Mary” and “Don’t Stop Believin’,” seeing as though we’ve all already purchased them on iTunes!

3. Loved Mercedes, loathed the song choice. As epic as her rendition of Dreamgirls “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” was, we couldn’t help but feel that the producers would never have wasted such an iconic diva-anthem on an ‘audition’ had they known that the show would get picked up for a back nine.

4. Continue to love everything about Sue Sylvester, who defended herself to Mr. Schuester after he confronted her about leaking the set list by exclaimin, “I’m reasonably confident you’ll be adding revenge to the long list of things you’re no good at, right next to finding a hairstyle that doesn’t make you look like a lesbian.”

5. Loved Finn, Mr. Schuester not so much. While we give serious kudos to actor Corey Monteith for delivering some very believable hurt, pain and a fist to the face of Puck upon discovering the true identity of Quinn’s baby daddy, we were not a fan of Mr. Schuester. Who after commiserating with Finn over being lied to for thirteen episodes, continued to reinforce his cluelessness by telling Finn that the team needs him to win. I mean really? Finn for the win?! Clearly somebody hasn’t been paying attention to Finn’s two-left feet and over-modulated singing voice! We’re just sayin’

6. Loathed the continual iTunes plugs: After Emma confronted the faculty advisers for both Jane Adams and Haverbrook, was it really necessary for Haverbrook’s Mr. Rumba to defend himself by promoting GLEE on iTunes, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,” is the most downloaded song in the history of iTunes!”

7. Loved Artie, who in an effort to come up with new songs on the fly, offered to improvise some of his Def Poetry Jams… which we sincerely hope we get to see next spring!

8. Loved Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry, who after thirteen episode of getting mocked and slushied, delivered (while Mr. Schue adorably listens via cell phone) one of the most remarkable performance of the season-to-date with her rendition of “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” (Side note: Are we the only TV Addict’s who want to see nerdy guy and possible Tay-Sachs carrier Jacob Ben Israel — or as we like to call him, GLEE’s version of ONE TREE HILL’s Mouth —get a shot with his dream-girl Rachel?)

9. Loved Anna Camp, who continues to make the most of whatever she is given (see her supporting role in season two of TRUE BLOOD as Sarah Newlin) by knocking it out of the park when Ryan Murphy and Co. took us documentary style behind the scenes of the judges room. Spin-off, or webisodes please!

10. Loathed Teri Schuester, Team Emma FTW!

11. Loved Principal Figgins, who finally put his foot down and suspended Coach Sylvester from the school. And while we have a feeling her suspension will be lifted just in time for GLEE’s glorious April 13 return, it did give future nominee Jane Lynch one last clip for her “For You Consideration” Emmy reel telling Mr. Schuester, “Well played sir. I underestimated you. Here’s what happens now. I’m going to head on down to my Condo in Boca, get myself into fighting shape, return to this school even more hell-bent on destruction. You are about to board the Sue Sylvester express — destination — horror.” Yeah… we can’t wait.

12. Loved the End, Almost as if to reinforce the fact that yes, our life would will suck without GLEE, the episode ended off with the most memorable musical number since “Don’t Stop Believin’,” as Mr. Schuester planted a kiss on Emma.

13. Loathed the fact that FOX isn’t brining back GLEE until April, which has us questioning what is more of a plus… the upward momentum GLEE currently finds itself enjoying or AMERICAN IDOL as its lead-in?

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  • The finale was amazing. I only hope the momentum continues in April. But how far can this show go? After regionals…then what?

  • Daniel, you know I love you, but you MUST get yourself a proofreader! Not that “Mrs. Schuester” kissing Emma is out of the question on this show.

  • While all the songs were performed very well, I wasn’t thrilled with the song choices. The only one I liked was You Can’t Always Get What You Want (not sure if that’s the actual *title* of the song, but you know what I mean).

    I like that they’re giving Brittany & Santana more to do, and Brittany’s comment about their, uhm, special friendship came out of nowhere. Wow.

    I like Jane Lynch’s performance as Sue, but as a character, I still think they’re painting her as being *too* evil and not for very convincing reasons. I hope last night’s episode ended her partial control over the set list, which never made sense considering she was co-sponsor of glee club for only one episode — a plotline which itself never made total sense.

    I’m glad Emma Pillsbury, my favorite character, was back in the spotlight more and that her awful arrangement with the football coach is over. While I’m pulling for her and Mr. Schuester getting together, it’d be nice if he at least signed some legal separation papers first before hooking up with Emma.

    The show still has a lot for me to nitpick over (with me, what show doesn’t?), but last night was definitely one of the better episodes.

  • Charlie

    Awesome finale!! But I didn’t like how they handled Quinn’s storyline. She seems to be homeless now… and by the looks of it Teri didn’t tell her that she wont be needing her baby anymore.

  • Liz

    Awesome episode. Don’t rain on my parade, and my life would suck without you, what a way to end it. April can’t come soon enough. Spring and Glee are eagerly anticipated to this Canuck.

  • TVFan

    Loved: The Finale. Loathed: That we seriously have to wait until April.

  • Melissa,
    As per usual I appreciate the on the fly editing.

    Todd W in NC,
    Somehow I knew you’d bring up Brittany and Santana

    Perhaps Quinn and Mrs. Schuester can move in together.

    While I’m no Glee Club expert, does it not go
    Sectionals > Regionals > Nationals?

  • But “I Am Telling You” the actual song fit perfectly for the theme of the moment Mercedes was trying to convey. It was actually as perfect as it could get. Which is why it worked so well there. (Plus for the fact she could say, “do I even need to tell you which song”)

  • great episode. Moved to tears and made me laugh. Kudos to GLEE. I hate to wait four months. lol Can’t wait for the Madonna episode. lol Mercedes was ‘wow’ great doing her number and gave me chills. Good winter finale. Too bad Glee isn’t coming out in time for Xmas. lol I want that DVD set already. lol -)

  • SaneN85

    I guess I was the only person not too impressed with Mercedes’ performance. I also hate that this is the ballad they chose for the “larger” black girl. Rachel’s “ballad” blew me away though.

  • BJ

    Nitpick: Loved Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin in True Blood, not vice versa.

    That aside last night for me was either second or third in terms of best.
    I would REALLY love to see more continuity with the show. I’ve heard and read from a lot of people that it feels like the episodes are blank pages in a book that someone new fills in each week without looking at the page before it.

    How many times did Rachel quit Glee club and rejoin all in the same episode? Finn? Mr. Shue? The whole Glee club?

    How fricken stupid do Will and Finn have to be concerning all that pregnancy stuff? Seriously, NO ONE is that dumb.

    Why does Puck not care then suddenly care then not care about being a jerk?

    Like the tvaddict said, when is someone going to bring up the whole Tina faking her stutter. She clearly doesn’t do it anymore.


  • BJ

    Sorry I’m ranting but someone explain to me what the point of having Brittany (apart from her awesome one liners), other Asian, Shaft, Tina, Santana and Artie on the show? Only two of them have ever sung lead, once, and the rest are just glorified dancers, as pointed out in the finale. Either give them more to do or get rid of them!

  • BJ: I believe Brittnay, Santana, other Asian and Shaft are all hired for their dancing abilities and simply to fill out the rest of the Glee club. I don’t really have a problem with that because it does follow the rules.

    TVA: You know, you may be right. Even so, that feels like a one-way road to nationals and then…?

  • dana

    when he talks about don’t stop believin’, figgins is referencing the original song by journey, not Glee. that wouldn’t make any sense, that’s not what he means. you need to get your facts straight.

  • Megan

    Sectionals-regionals-nationals … and again next year. But also living off all the benefits of winning nationals.

    Loved Mercedes ballad, while it was a bit predictable, Amber Riley was fantastic. So She won me over.

    Rachel is still a teenage girl so telling Finn made sense to her, but her solo made up for her spilling the secret (which I am thrilled is out now)

    Finn does have two left feet, but he’s awesome none the less. Cory Monteith is adorable, and I love how clueless he ‘plays’ Finn.

    Brittnay, Santana, Other Asian, and the others fill in the cast nicely, and will get their time to shine. Artie was great in Wheels, and Tina’s stutter disappearance is bound to be discussed next half. Can’t believe we have to wait until April. 🙁

  • Emma

    The very end of the finale gave me goosebumps. When I saw Emma’s desk cleared out I thought that Will missed her and that would have killed me. I’m glad they got their kiss before April.

    It is nice to see Mike(Other Asian) finally get a line in the show. The silent Matt and Mike are fun to watch because they usually have the best facial expressions.

    Sue was wonderful as always, so was everyone.

    I’m off to go freeze myself until April so I don’t have to feel the long wait. I really needed Glee to get me through the long winter ahead.

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  • I totally agree with BJ’s complaints about continuity in the show, and the blank page analogy is a perfect way to explain it. I agree totally, probably my biggest complaint on the show. They should make the episodes flow together better.

  • Josh C.

    i think people need to stop nit picking shows. not just this one, but many many others. why cant people just enjoy shows for what they are?

  • Amy

    Did anyone catch my favorite line of the night? When Puck said he couldn’t see Quinn that night because he had fight club? Fabulous!

  • Alex

    Yes, you are the only person who wants to see Jacob get a chance with Rachel. He’s gross. He’s creepy. He’s weird. He’s a sleaze. He wanted Rachel to take her top off for a good review.

  • claire

    am i like the only person to notice how cool the last number was, when they recapped all the numbers from the season in dance? as a stand-alone number the choreography would have been a hot mess but as a season-end roundup it was very clever

  • brittany murphy may you rest in piece

  • brittany murphy may you rest in piece

  • poor brittany murphy

  • MCMT

    Does anybody know what is written in the painting when Mr. Shue is leaving his apartment?

    It is killing me i could not read it ’cause it went by so fast