Sister Act: Emily and Zooey Deschanel Preview Tonight’s Episode of BONES

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Before you tune into tonight’s very special Christmas episode of BONES, this TV Addict would like to take the opportunity to assure you that (a) you have not beenhitting the Eggnog too hard, and (b) you most definitely are not seeing double.

Rather, that other Deschanel you’re seeing on your television screen is none other than Indie darling Zooey (500 Days of Summer) Deschanel, who finally found some time in her busy film schedule to fit in a highly anticipated guest spot on her sister Emily’s hit FOX series BONES.

“I think that we’ve had different career paths. It seems weird, but it’s sort of difficult to schedule,” explained Zooey on a recent conference call with reporters as to why it took so long to make the family reunion a reality. “I talked about doing a BONES episode for a couple of years now, but it never ended up working in my schedule because with films, you end up getting a job and you have to leave and go somewhere the next week sometimes.”

Entitled “The Goop on the Girl,” tonight’s episode has Zooey playing Margaret, a distant cousin of Temperance Brennan. A part that as it would turn out, was the brainchild of none other than BONES creator himself, Hart Hanson.

“Hart had the idea for a Christmas episode and told me that Zooey could play one of the two living relatives in my life,” revealed Emily.

A part that oddly enough, Zooey was initially hesitant to accept.

For one, “I think that both of us like to let each other have our space. . . . You always want to make sure you don’t bring any silly bickering or anything like that to the set. We don’t really do so much anymore, but you worry that it will bring up your little family things,” said Zooey.

With reason number two being, “I’ve never ever said yes to anything without reading, knowing what the character is first. So it was a little bit scary for me because, obviously, I knew all the writers on the show are really good. And that they weren’t going to hang me out to dry, but it was a leap of faith, because I’m just not used to that.”

Not surprisingly, in the end a great experience was had by all. In fact, not only will shippers be happy delighted to learn that unlike Booth’s brother, the appearance by a Brennan relative does in no way threaten Booth and Breenan’s road to happily-ever-after. But better still, the door is left open for Zooey’s return.

Said Zooey, “I don’t die at the end of the episode.” With big sister Emily quickly chimin in “Don’t give anything away now! We’d love to have you back. ”

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  • Hil

    I end up loving all of their Christmas episodes. This no doubt will be the same.

    Am I the only one who had no idea they were related? I’ve seen both of them in stuff separately and never bothered over their last names enough to put two and two together. IMDB, you fail me!

  • shara says

    no show does Christmas like Bones. Fantastic episode, great guest appearance 🙂