Exclusive: Christine Baranski Teases Her Appearance on Monday’s BIG BANG THEORY


Batman and Robin. Lucy and Ethel. Felix and Oscar. Booth and Brennan. Heidi and Spencer. In the world of television, some names just go naturally together. Now, you can add Ausiello and Addict to that list. Okay, not really, but you can’t blame a guy for trying! In that vein, we follow the super-scooper Michael Ausiello’s lead with a follow up to the photo he leaked earlier in the week that offered up a first glimpse of Christine Baranski’s shocking return as Leonard’s mom on THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Ausiello gave you an exclusive peek at the lip-lock that’ll have everyone talking, and we now offer an exclusive chat with Baranski about how her alter ego wound up planting a kiss on, of all people, Sheldon!

The TV Addict: There is a very revealing photo of your TV alter-ego planting a fairly substantial smooch on Sheldon during this Monday’s episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY. Care to shed some light on the circumstances surrounding that photo?
Christine Baranski: [Laughs] Oh I’m not going to tell you, you’ll just have to tune into CBS this coming Monday to see.

Is there anything at all you can tease, fan theories have been off the charts?
I will tell you that my character has divorced Leonard’s father and she comes for a Christmas visit. As for the rest, all I can say is that it’s going to be a nice surprise. I would never ever give away a plot line. In fact, I’m surprised CBS released that picture, but I suppose it is a wonderful tease.

It must be nice to get to moonlight on what is quickly becoming the most popular comedy on television?
It’s such an original show which has really hit its stride right now. And while I’m loathed to call them ‘kids’, the young actors on it are so wonderful. I think it is by far the most original comedy on television right now.

Last season they wrote me a brilliant episode which got me an Emmy nomination and because it’s on the same network, my producers on THE GOOD WIFE were willing to adjust the schedule just enough so that I could fly to LA on the weekend, rehearse on a Sunday and film on Monday and Tuesday. It’s funny because I was learning my lines for THE BIG BANG THEORY while I was in the courtroom on the set of THE GOOD WIFE, so for two days there I really had two characters in my head.

Any chance Leonard’s Mom popping in will become an annual holiday tradition?
Yeah, I think they are going to try to work it out so she at least will make a yearly visit. I’m very lucky that both shows are on the same network so there is not a conflict of interest. If anything, it perks up interest in THE GOOD WIFE thanks to THE BIG BANG THEORY’S huge audience.

  • Jody

    Another major spoiler with no warning. Not cool. Going to have remove TVA from my regular blog stops. Sad times.

  • Whoa…now THAT I can’t wait to see.

  • Amy D

    That’s crazy. :O.
    I’m super pumped for the episode now!

  • Anna

    I heard *POSSIBLE SPOILER NOT SURE IF TRUE* that Mrs. H was drunk and Sheldon was ticked off about it. END SPOILER but it’s not Penny, so that’s good. I’m not looking forward to or dreading this episode; It’ll certianly be interesting.

  • Holly

    Yeah, good point, at first I was mad that he had to get kissed but you’re right-at least it isn’t Penny!

  • vportilla

    actually she only says that she get divorced , but anything else…is not as spoiler for me

  • C-3PO

    WTF! That is so not cool. Why not Penny kiss Sheldon?? But, I’m still a fan. XD