FOX Gets its Mid-Season Report Card

The Good: Fuelled by the continued success across FOX’s entire Animation Domination line-up (THE SIMPSONS, CLEVELAND SHOW, FAMILY GUY and AMERICAN DAD), solid showings from HOUSE, LIE TO ME and the surprisingly popular venerable BONES, plus the bona-fide break-hit that is GLEE, it appears as though FOX has finally found the formula for Fall by capping off November with their first sweeps victory ever among the highly-coveted 18-49 demographic.

The Bad: You mean aside from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE’s universally panned new set and the fact that our iTunes wallet has taken quite the hit courtesy of GLEE? Although they gave it the old College try, Friday on FOX was no laughing matter with BROTHERS, ‘TIL DEATH and DOLLHOUSE arriving DOA. While FRINGE squandered one of the coolest season finales ever by failing to attract an audience in what admittedly is one of the most competitive time slots in television (Alas, advertisers don’t pay premium dollars for a 47% bump in DVR/PVR viewership.)

The Prognosis: In spite of the many questions surrounding the highly-anticipated return of AMERICAN IDOL in January — including but not limited to, how viewers will respond to the revolving door of guest judges, whether or not Paula will be missed and how Ellen will fair as permanent fourth judge — one thing we know for sure is that audiences will be tuning in to find out. Which will certainly aid the sly-as-a-FOX network when it comes to launching and promoting a whole slew of new shows such as 24, OUR LITTLE GENIUS, HUMAN TARGET, SONS OF TUCSON and GLEE (When it finally returns in April).

The Grade: A-

Tune in Monday when we give the CW their midseason report card

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  • Fringe should be moved to a different day of the week and replaced with 24 or something.

  • bws

    And the return of 24? I’m hearing good things. You get a screener of that yet, TVA?

    I’m generally pleased with FOX. Dollhouse could not be saved and they gave it a healthy 13 episode season. I would have liked that from the IMO superior TSCC. But still, a very good fall for FOX. Glee really ended on a high note. It’s not always a home run for me but has more good days than bad days. But when it comes back, it will be head to head with the final 6 episodes of LOST. Yikes. I feel FOX didn’t quite handle the World Series right this year resulting in peculiar scheduling and rules changes for SYTYCD. How in the world did they end up with a 1 hour finale with 6 dancers? Bizarre.

  • bws,
    Just got 24 this week, looking forward to watching it… but will probably save it till the Christmas break when nothing else is on! Not being a fan of dance can’t comment on SYTYCD but I actually applaud FOX’s handeling of the MLB playoffs. Unlike previous years,

    I’m a bit curious how FRINGE would have played on Friday night leading into DOLLHOUSE. Two shows far more compatible than ‘TIL DEATH/BROTHERS leading into FRINGE.

  • Ace

    WAIT, the SYTYCD finale is only an hour long??? That sucks. The finale is the best episode of the year usually. Anyway, that was also going to be my complaint. If they knew that the world series and the holidays would have messed with the season so much (not to mention the fact that the summer season had JUST ended), then they shouldn’t have done a fall season.

    But overall I’m pretty happy with Fox right now. Fringe and Glee are two of my favorite shows right now.

    TVA – I think Fringe and Bones actually pair really well and being on Friday would have just hurt more. To me it actually shows faith in the show that FOX is keeping it in the Thursday position; that’s a high dollar night. Now if only other people would watch it live like me…

  • Melissa

    The SYTYCD finale is 2 hours on wednesday. They are showing a 1 hour episode on Tuesday before the “Gordan Ramsey Cookalong Live” special.

  • bws

    I think for the Dance finale on Tuesday, they are doing a round robin. Each guy will dance with each girl. So that’s 9 dances. It’ll fit in the hour but there won’t be any all guy or all girl group routines like in the past. Still, 6 in the finale is really stupid.

    FOX really does pretty well considering they have 9pm news, just like NBC gave up their 9pm slot to Leno.

  • Mayhoff

    “The surprisingly popular BONES” There is nothing surprising about Bones. It’s a good show. It’s clear by all the bashing you do of CSI/Murder/Bloody shows you can’t stomach them.

  • Mayhoff,
    My apologies, I didn’t mean ‘popular’ as much as I’m surprised how well it’s doing after five seasons of flying under my radar. I’ve really jumped on the BONES bandwagon this season and have been surprised by how much I’m enjoying a procedural, a genre that as you know is not my cup of tea. Hart Hanson et al deserve serious credit for creating an immensely likeable group of characters and interesting story-lines week-in-and-week-out.

  • BizarroP

    A- is a pretty high score…

  • tmg

    I feel that Bones is going to be going for years to come. The cast of that show really have wonderful chemistry to work together.