First Look: No More Mr. Nice Spy


No Casey? [On this just released NBC promotional poster that is] No Problem! Thanks to the new and improved butt-kicking Bartowski. No more Mr. Nice Spy indeed.

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  • Love it. I want to buy a copy to hang on my wall.

  • kevin

    wait, casey got dropped from the series?

  • Ace

    Kevin — No no no. Just not in this particular promo poster. Wouldn’t that be horrible?!?

  • CaptainZap

    Whew! I came to ask the same thing. I love the show, but it wouldn’t be the same without Adam Baldwin.

  • kevin

    thank god! thanks ace. i was worried for a minute that he was gone and i couldn’t imagine the show without him.

  • Chris

    Heh…perhaps Casey is the one being kicked!

  • I may be reading a little too much into things, but at a quick first glance, the character Chuck looks to be kicking down looks like time-slot competitor Dr. Gregory House!

  • LB

    Love the poster! I can’t wait for Jan. 10th. Amazing show, so underappreciated!