TV Quotes of the Decade


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  • Ace

    In a similar vein, I always laughed while watching The Wire (strange, I know) whenever Sen. Clay Davis said “shhhiiiiiiiit”.

  • K.

    “Shiiiiiiiiiit” should be on that list, too

  • Dave

    I think it was said in the other quote but I have to STRONGLY second “That’s what she said”. I have heard this now on so many shows and so many mediums that I seriously don’t know where it started but I hear it on the Office the most. And would have to say it is easily one of the quotes of the decade.

  • Nick

    Wanna bet this quote originated when Julia Roberts left Kiefer at the altar?

  • matt

    im quite pleased that my nomination was chosen 🙂

  • Actually i got used to this ‘dammit’ comes from Kiefer so much, i can only laugh when i hear it from any other actors in any other show 😀