Morning Static: LOST, PaleyFest, GLEE & More!

• Nerd Orgasm! The men behind LOST, FRINGE and STAR TREK sit down for a fantastic candid interview with GQ.
• Finally, a silver-lining to the current economic downturn: television popularity is on the rise.
• Gleek out on Vampires, with The Paley Center for Media unveiling their first two PaleyFest honorees.
• Classy Cory Monteith pays it forward, GLEE star uses Twitter to help aspiring singer.
• Major Dad nabs major role, Gerald McRaney is the first actor to sign onto J.J. Abrams highly anticipated new series UNDERCOVERS.

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  • Dave

    I hope some day there is someone who sits down and makes some kind of book encompassing Lost and all things related to those guys. It really is fascinating hearing those guys talk about their shows and where the ideas come from.