The TV Addict’s Guide to Surviving… GLEE’s Hiatus


We feel your pain. We do. It’s only been seven days since GLEE aired its last episode of 2009, and already, we’ve played the soundtrack so many times, we’ve memorized every lyric. Backwards. (Seriously.) But at last your friends at The TV Addict have discovered a way to lessen our, and hopefully your, separation anxiety. His name is Adam Tyler.

Although the electropop songs on his MySpace sound like music from a club you wouldn’t think you were cool enough to get into — but do! — the male Lady Gaga is releasing something a bit different for the holiday season: a ballad that is almost as heartbreaking as Rachel’s rendition of “On My Own.”

“I know it’s a little dark,” the 21-year-old says of “The Ghost of Christmas Past.” “My parents were scandalized. They were like, ‘Is this sacrilegious?’ ‘No, Mom!’ But I’ve always liked to twist things up and mess with people’s expectations.”

Mission accomplished. However, even without a single chestnut roasting on an open fire, Tyler still manages to create a new classic, a kind of anti-carol, with pathos in the place of schmaltz.

“The funny part is,” he says, “I actually love the traditional Christmas songs. But when it comes to what I want to put out there… um… ”

We’ll say it for him: He’s more Depeche Mode than Bing Crosby. And that’s not a bad thing. On the contrary, because of his TWILIGHT ZONE musical aesthetic, his Christmas song turned out dramatic enough to appeal to the Kurts among us and cool enough to appeal to the Pucks. Sample it now at his MySpace, then come back later to download the final mix free, and who knows? You just might make it to GLEE’s April return.

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  • Nick


  • Meriellen

    They should put him on Glee! He’s cute and can sing! That Friction song is great!

  • TVFan

    Hey kinda looks like a young Lord Voldemort! Hawt