TV Quotes of the Decade


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  • Eric

    Woo! We need a Dexter quote here!
    Maybe “Hello, Dexter Morgan.” from this season.
    Or some other killer quotes from a killer show…about a killer.

  • Ace

    One of my favorites. So many good ones from LOST.

    Sawyer (to Kate): I am a complex guy, sweetheart.

    Michael: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!

    Desmond: See ya in another life brotha.

    Charlie: NOT PENNY’s BOAT

    Jack: We have to go back!

  • AJ

    hiro of heroes: yatta!!!

  • N.E.

    Jack: We have to go back!
    this one in definitely memorable

  • Nick

    Here’s one from Elin Nordgren Woods:

    “Live together, and I’m sure I’ll wind up killing you with a 9-iron.”

  • Karen

    From Fringe:
    We are all victims of our own gene pool….Someone must have peed in his.

  • AR

    I have a sweatshirt that has this exact quote and picture on it. Geeky? Na!

  • Linda B.

    Ooh, just thought of another good quote to post –

    Save the cheerleader, save the world!