Meet The Biggest Gleek: Mark Salling

With apologies in advance to fellow Canadian Cory Monteith, Mark Salling with his absolutely heartwarming tribute to his GLEE family has us this close to switching to “Team Puck.” Oh, and Lea Michele, it’s your move.

Thanks to Watch with Kristin for the Tip!

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  • ‘Gleek’ is a term used to describe shooting saliva out of your mouth; just so you know.

  • good job man! this video was awesome! happy holidays for u and ur staff!

  • Posted this yesterday myself. Very cool. Glad to see someone who appreciates what he has and who he works with.

  • Wings,
    Complete agree! Pretty sure Katherine Heigl isn’t nearly that happy to go to work everyday.

  • ah, that’s sweet. he’s still in ‘love’ with his job. give him 3 years. lol He’ll be singing about being trapped and not challenged. lol Joking.

  • I like Mark Salling but I recently head that he’s dating Audrina from The Hills. Makes me question his taste. But I’ll never stop loving Puck!

  • yUUK

    Apparently you guys don’t actually know what OOKIE COOKIE actually is, if you knew, I’m not sure so many people would be swooning over him ( and I’m glad the Cory guy won’t play, IT”S F-ING GROSS). Look it up.