Morning Static: CHUCK, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, LOST & More!

• Beautiful live indeed, thanks to Ashton Kutcher the CW’s defunct BEAUTIFUL LIFE will debut unaired episodes on YouTube.
• Chucktastic! Syfy plans to air a CHUCK marathon leading up to the show’s third season premiere.
• It’s Showtime for Allison Janney, who has signed on for a key recurring role in the new cabler pilot SHAMELESS.
• Chuck Lorre is developing another half-hour for CBS, be afraid Jenna Elfman… be very afraid.
• If we had a million dollars, meet our new living room companions.

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  • Ace

    I wish I had known about these before they were sold out:

    I’m glad that someone is repeating Chuck. Seriously people, watch them if you haven’t seen them yet!

    Hopefully Lorre’s new show will be more BBT and less Two and a Half Idiots.