Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why We Can’t Wait to Jump into THE DEEP END

On January 21, ABC will unveil THE DEEP END, a new series which follows five ambitious associates as they struggle to adjust their appetites and ideals to the fast-paced demands of their job. You say GREY’S ANATOMY in a law office, we say one of the most anticipated new shows of 2010. And the following are five reasons why.

the deep end abc

Matt Long
Wait! Before you say Matt “Who?” Please, save yourself the embarrassment by clicking on over to and checking out his work as one half of the McCallister brood in the brilliant-but-cancelled JACK & BOBBY. After you’ve devoured all twenty-two episodes, we’ll look forward to your “thank you TV Addict for introducing me to the best show ever!” in the comments below.

the deep end abc

Tina Majorino
After cornering the market on high school scene stealers, VERONICA MARS and BIG LOVE supporting MVP Tina Majorino is finally ready to grow up and play a twenty-something in this much-deserved starring role.

the deep end abc

Norbert Leo Butz
As fans of Wicked, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Speed-the-Plow can attest, there are no butz about it: Leo Butz is easily one of the most talented performers you’ve never heard of.

the deep end abc

Billy Zane
And not just because Zane holds a very special place in our heart from his days as the villainous Caledon ‘Cal’ Hockley in a little movie about a sinking ship that we may-or-may-not-have seen on more than onethe deep end abc

Clancy Brown
Yes it’s true, this TV Addict is one of three confirmed fans of the short-lived NBC series EARTH 2.


  • Your post makes me want to see it. LOL -) I’ll def check it out. Love Tina M. from her Veronica days and her Big Love. And is it me or do u look at Zane and say, “I remember when he had hair.” lol

  • J

    I’ve watched the trailer for this a few times and thought it looked terrible. I had planned on watching it when I saw Tina Majorino is one of the stars, but now I’m unsure. It just does not look appealing.

  • John

    Forget Earth 2, Clancy MFing Brown is and always will be Brother Justin from Carnivale.

  • Krystal

    I guess my mom and I make the other two Earth 2 fans. LMAO. My mom’s been in love with him since the first Highlander movie. 😛

  • LB

    I am a Jack and Bobby fan too! Great show.
    I’ll probably check this out because of Matt Long and Tina Majorino (glad to see her getting a more central role in a show!).