Morning Static: JON & KATE, AMERICAN IDOL, SCRUBS & More!

Good News: FOX continues to live up to their namesakes (as in sly as a…) by shifting its reality TV juggernaut AMERICAN IDOL to Wednesdays at 9PM and moving newcomer HUMAN TARGET to 8PM starting on January 27. Bad News: For ABC’s short-lived comedy renaissance and breakout hits MODERN FAMILY and COUGAR TOWN. [Source]

Good News: Fans of SCRUBS and BETTER OFF TED have plenty to look forward to in the new year with ABC announcing plans to double up on episodes of both shows starting January 5th. Bad News: In television speak, “double up” is code for “burning off.” Something that most assuredly does not bode well for the future of both SCRUBS and TED when their network decides to schedule both shows so that they end their respective runs by the end of January. [Source]

Good News: Our national nightmare is finally over now that Jon & Kate’s divorce is final. Bad News: Don’t miss Kate’s take in her first (of many no doubt) post-divorce interview(s) on THE JAY LENO SHOW. No, really. [Video]

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  • J

    Those bastards. I hope Modern Family and Cougar Town can hold up against Idol. We can only hope Idol will drop without Paula around. This sucks though, because it would have been nice to see Glee get the Idol lead-in in the spring.

  • bws

    Well, Scrubs and BoT WERE in LOSTs time slot. Something had to happen.

  • Ace

    On the plus side, they will just be against the results show which more people don’t seem to watch anyway AND they were losing a lot of viewers last year.

    Too bad about Scrubs and BoT. I’m not that upset about Scrubs, but I really like BoT.

  • kevin

    i’ll be so pissed if they cancel better off ted. scrubs i still like, but i wouldn’t be angry if it was cancelled. although, i think they did pretty much the same thing last year with both shows, and they both wound up coming back this year. they’re not that expensive to make (i dont think, at least), so if they do well in the male 18-49 demo (which i think bill lawrence said is why they brought the show back to begin with), then maybe they won’t be cancelled.

  • Wanda

    So, Kate is a go and Jon ain’t. Well, I guess that TLC is really making him buckle down to their “No other show but ours, even though it’s off the air, although it’s your fault because you’re acting like a tiny tyrant” rule. Perhaps reality TV can take a real hit if he can make it on “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”