Forget “What was up with that?” The question TV Addicts should be asking ourselves as we once again wake up on a Sunday morning with a bad taste in our mouths following yet another disastrous instalment of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE is, “What is up with us?!” Why is it that week-in-week-out, we continue to tune into this disappointing train-wreck in the hopes that this time things will be different? (Oh right, Taylor Swift)

And while we in no-way-shape-or-form blame host James “You know I’m trying exceptionally hard to be funny thanks to my incessant eye-squinting” Franco, who let’s face it, gave it his all by singing, dancing and cleverly poking fun at his less-than-successful stint at Columbia University and his current guest-starring gig on GENERAL HOSPITAL in an above-average opening monologue (See video above). Even the Ol’ College drop out try wasn’t enough to elevate the unimaginative and unfunny writing that continues to plague this once proud late-night institution (See: The show’s over-reliance on kooky characters from Kristen Wiig and unfunny recurring sketches like Lawrence Welk and Vincent Price that barely worked the first 17 times.)

Agree? Disagree? Wondering why on earth has-been Charles Barkley will open SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on January 9th, 2010? Post away!

  • Ace

    I may be in the minority in thinking this, but I just do not find Kristen Wiig funny at all. When I remember to, I DVR SNL and watch it Sunday morning. I always find myself FFing through any sketch with her in it. Which means, I watched about 2 minutes of last night…

  • Dave

    It seems like a lot of what snl thinks is funny as of late is constant repetitiveness. As in the scene with the kissing, and the skit with tyson. They think its funny to do something over and over and over again thinking it will just get funny. It doesn’t. I dont know what the skit is called with Kenan singing but they have it on every episode and I just dont get what is even supposed to be funny about it. But Ace I have to disagree I think Wiig, Hader, and Samberg are the funniest people on the cast it just seems like they havent had too many skits lately.

  • Josh

    I think the Kenan sketch is funny because of how random it is. Sudekis in a jogging suit dancing, random guests, Lindsey Buckingham. It is funny. I think there are a lot of people on the bandwagon that want to bash SNL right now. The same people that loved it last year during the election. it is like anything else, build it up then tear it down. I say loosen up! Laugh a little. If you dont think it is funny, simply turn the channel.

  • I think Wiig and Sudeikis are hilarious, and you can see that since they are in other things besides SNL. And their “Two A-Holes…” skit is always funny and that should be one of the ones that they replay instead of “What’s up with that”. Samberg is great but he didn’t seem to be in this episode very much. As head writer Seth Meyers needs to put himself in more sketches. I’m going to keep watching because I’ve been hooked since Meyers, Sandler, Meadows, Farley, Spade era.

  • fatEMOkid,
    I love Sudeikis and Meyers. Although I think I’ve said this before, but if Jon Stewart ever decides to give Late Night on a network a try, Meyers would make a fantastic DAILY SHOW host.

  • Maek

    Last year they poked fun at Sarah Palin and everybody loved the show. Now this year they dear to focus on Obama and their hated. worse, ignored. the non policial skits have been far from great for a long time, but please someone point out that the writing and acting about Obama is spot on.

  • Josh Emerson

    The dislike of SNL this year has nothing to do with Obama, it has to do with the show’s writing just not being very funny. And btw, Armisen has always been a terrible Obama. I said that from the beginning. The reason the Sarah Palin sketches were so brilliant is because Tina Fey nailed the part.

    I thought last night’s episode was better than Taylor Lautner’s. I like James Franco a lot and Muse is a great musical guest, so that made me automatically like the show a bit more. But they really need some new writers in there or something.

  • Kristen

    I thought it was hilarious last night!

  • AJ

    I haven’t found this season’s SNL funny at all!!! (and it has NOTHING to do with obama) SNL needs to stick to the parodies and political satire, even in a non-election year there is ALWAYS plenty of things to make fun of. enough of the same old same old. it was un-funny the first 10 times, it isn’t going to magically become funny now!!! and ITA, kristen has her moments, but generally speaking, I can’t stand watching her!!! she’s becoming as obnoxious as adam sandler’s characters were (I HATE him, too, but at least some of his characters were funny)

  • Jim

    I actually thought James Franco’s episode was the best one in a while (which isn’t saying much). I thought Bobby Moynihan (who in my mind is very underrated) was hilarious as “Snookie” from Jersey Shore. Seth Meyers has been consistently good with the weekend update, but other than that, the show really has been awful lately. Sketches like “Gilly”, “What’s up with that”, and the bickering holiday family (which seems to be a less funny rip-off of the Will Ferrell ‘I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS’ sketch) are repetitive and unfunny. I think Kristen Wiig has some comedic talent, but she just keeps playing annoying and stale characters.

  • Kevin

    It just sucks now. I guess if you can’t write something funny then just make it singing and dancing. They need some COMEDY WRITERS not variety show writers. The band members sure get a workout each week, tho.