Our 2009 TV Year in Review (Part I)

Show That’s Better Than You Think: Even before Heather Locklear’s Amanda strolled back in, MELROSE PLACE was a surprisingly viable primetime sudser. Too bad only about 23 people a week have been watching.

Show That’s Way, Way Better Than You Think: No doubt viewed by many as a TV version of Twilight, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is instead a surprisingly addictive thriller that just may be the best new show of the fall season.

Reveal That Rocked: Who was expecting GLEE’s Will to find out about his wife’s fake pregnancy so soon? The resulting confrontation was tense and realistic, even if the follow-up (Why did Will never confront his wife’s co-conspirator, Quinn?) was neither.

Most Improved Sitcom: Last year, PARKS & RECREATION was nothing to write home about. But season two has found the Amy Poehler laugher hitting its stride.

Character We’d Most Like To Party With: While there’s little doubt that COUGAR TOWN’s Laurie (played by Busy Phillips) would drink us under the table, we’d still love to party with that chick!

Worst Decision: NBC was practically cavalier in handing their 10 p.m. timeslot to Jay Leno. Oddly, ABC failed to take advantage of the situation, counter-programming with losers such as THE FORGOTTEN and EASTWICK.

Best set-up for a second season we’ll never get: The final episode of KINGS set up an epic battle between Silas and David. (Not to mention Silas and God, whom the angry despot declared war upon!)

Weakest link on a strong show: We love Michelle Forbes, but her TRUE BLOOD character was ill-conceived and badly directed, making it impossible to understand her motivation from week to week.

The ACCORDING TO JIM Award: Can anyone explain to us why ’TIL DEATH is still on the airwaves? Anyone? Bueller?

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  • Dave

    I watched the re-runs of Vampire Diaries due to all the good things I heard about it here and other places and I have to say. I’m hooked. Odd it reminds me a lot of the first 2 seasons of smallville. A lot more character oriented and very good story. Let’s hope it doesn’t drop off and go kind of rediculous like smallville did.

  • Ace

    I completely agree about the Vampire Diaries. I really expected that show to be awful, but I am really enjoying it so far. I kept expecting a filler episode this fall, but we never got one. Instead we got one hell of a cliff hanger :).

    I also agree about Kings. I really wish they had a chance to tie up that show. But in a similar vein, I’m kind of glad that Dollhouse got cancelled when it did b/c it has allowed them to go crazy and create the ending that the creators would have wanted. It has been excellent the last few weeks. If you can forget the few really week stand alone episodes at the beginning of the series (for which I blame FOX), it has been a really entertaining show.

    I think I have made my distain of Leno pretty clear, but I am sad that Eastwick wasn’t able to survive.

  • bws

    I will maybe, maybe check out Vampire Diaries on DVD in the summer. But for now, True Blood remains the only vampires in my life.

    I plan to burn through all the Kings episodes over Christmas break, not having seen a single moment yet, based solely on the support on this blog.

    As for who would have believed the fake pregnancy on GLEE would come out so early? Ummm… everyone? It was the weakest plot point on the show and had kept me from embracing the show in full. Many blogs have called it the most ridiculous plot line of any show this fall so I, for one, am exceedingly grateful that it is over.

  • BizarroP

    I loved Michelle Forbes & Maryann… she brough a pulse to a show that i find increasingly stupid but entertaining nontheless.,.. I hope she gets nominated for an Emmy

  • Kat

    I AM OFFICIALLY A GLEEK! I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Haven’t read the books….not sure if I will)!

    True Blood is my secret obsession. I didn’t like Maryann’s storyline at all, but I love the changing relationships between Bill and Sookie and Sookie and Eric (GO ERIC!!!!!). I’m glad to see Jason turning into a better character. He’s clearly been the lost little puppy, searching for a home, and I love the idea of him kicking butt with Andy Belfleur xD. I’m glad we’re getting to know Sam’s background, etc. I’m really hoping for Tara to get a better storyline in season 3. (Mind you, I haven’t read the series, but plan to)

    Didn’t even attempt to watch Melrose Place. I’d start watching One Tree Hill again before I watched that (FYI: I stopped watching OTH after seeing the s7 premiere, and hated what was happening, so stopped watching).

    The Jay Leno show or whatever they are calling it is a big mess in my opinion, and it doesn’t seem right. No offense to NBC or Jay Leno’s show, but I’m hoping they pull it and put on some GOOD shows in it’s place. We need some fresh blood on NBC, that will actually last.

    I got hooked on Kings by watching it online, and I was really ticked to find out it was canceled. I was so eager to learn what was going to happen with Silas’ daughter, since she was pregnant with David’s kid, and see what would become of David, since he had disappeared to do something (can’t remember the details)….Let’s just say, I wish there was a season 2, or just a miniseries to sum the show up the write way.

  • Kat

    (yes, i said WRITE way)

  • SaneN85

    Best setup for following season (PERIOD): T: SCC

  • that was a good list. i liked ‘eastwick’ byw. lol but i was disapointed in the fact ‘eastwick’ took too long 2 build up its story and then abc gave up on it before they even announced its cancellation. lol

  • Glee, I don’t think Quinn was a co-conspirator. That baby plot was hard to watch and follow because no one cared. lol It was the worst spot in an otherwise GREAT show. Love Glee. Hated the baby s/l. I also hate how we got liitle follow up to the reveal. Where’s the sister now? the parents? I’d like to see Will explaining that lie to Mom and Dad. lol

  • Kirsten

    As far as the best set up to a season we’ll never see, I’ve gotta agree with SaneN85, T: SCC, if given a 3rd season, could have been jaw-droppingly awesome. A second season of Kings would have been fantastic though.

  • Melrose Place is one of the worst shows on television and it is a bigger joke than Jay Leno’s lame 10pm show. The original Melrose Place was campy and fun to watch. The CW this season has been very weak and the only enjoyable parts of the new Melrose Place are former characters returning.

  • Kelly

    I feel the opposite way about Glee – how the f long would it really take for him to realize that his wife is sporting a fake belly? I think Ari said it best in the podcast (which was a LONG time ago :)) – wouldn’t you want to hug your wife? Once in a while?

  • Amanda

    Kings was one of my favourite shows last season and I was so disappointed to hear of its cancellation, especially after that stellar finale. Its network definitely did it wrong; they failed to widely advertise the show as a modern update of a biblical story out of fear it would be rejected by religious groups. However, anyone I told about it was both a) fascinated by the idea and b) certain they’d never heard about it.

  • PublicFrenemyNumber1

    I’ve caught a few episodes of “Cougar Town” just because I’ve always liked Bill Lawrence’s work. It’s a little odd to see his wife, Christa Miller playing her character the exact same way she played Jordan on “Scrubs” but aside from that and the occasional lame-ass one-liners from Courtney Cox, it’s honestly entertaining.

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