TV Quotes of the Decade


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  • Nick

    It could also be SNL’s best word. Although anything that comes out of Gilly’s mouth slays me…”Sorry.”

  • Jo

    Are you taking suggestions for these quotes? Because if you are, I would suggest Bones: “I don’t know what that means.”

    Completely classic, in my opinion.

  • Ace

    Good one :). Someone should do a tally of how many times that word is used on Grey’s.

  • Nick

    Jo, a funnier take would be Lucille Bluth’s: “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.”

  • J

    I hope “Suit up” will be coming up at some point! Seriously.

  • Wendy

    Grab your gear from the hit NCIS

  • ewanspotter

    A one-word adverb that NO ONE outside of GA watchers would get? Wow. Scrounging for material, aren’t we, TV Addict?

  • WhyWait

    Yeah, I wouldn’t say this one wasn’t very “mainstream”. At my worst (best) I watch 3-4 hours of TV a day, and I had to read all the comments just to figure out what show this was from.

    I’m new by the way, LOVE the site (have been lurking for about a month)

  • I have to concur with the others — I’ve loved following these quotes, but I had no idea where this one was from. I know I can’t watch all of the great TV of the past decade, but a little help in the post itself would help ;-)!