Our 2009 TV Year in Review (Part II)

Worst Promos Ever: ABC spent a small fortune touting the BROTHERS & SISTERS episode in which someone would die, but it was fans who felt ripped off when nobody actually bought the farm.

Worst Debut: Jimmy Fallon spent weeks courting geeks to LATE NIGHT, only to have first-week guests Justin Timberlake and Tina Fey prove either of them would have been better choices for the job.

Least Compelling Mystery: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES spent an entire year on the wildly uninteresting, unsuspenseful Dave story.

Most Relatable Misunderstanding: What parent couldn’t relate when THE MIDDLE’s Brick truthfully told people that his mom had hit him with a beer bottle? Kids really do say the darndest things!

Biggest Blunder By A Network: The failed experiment we like to call THE JAY LENO SHOW.

Biggest Blunder By A Network (Runner-Up!): ABC shut down production on V after filming only four episodes, reportedly planning to fix what they saw as its problems. Audiences loved the show… and then lost it only a few short weeks later!

Writer Most In Need Of Reigning In: Yes, GLEE is one of the most delightful shows to come down the pike in ages. But could someone please teach creator Ryan Murphy a lesson or two in pacing and longterm story telling?

Biggest Cad: THE BACHELOR’s first single dad, Jason Mesnick, proposed to Melissa Rycroft… only to then dump her on AFTER THE FINAL ROSE in favor of runner up Molly Malaney, giving the show a huge ratings boost and instantly making him one of the most unpopular guys in the country.

Worst Soap: Under recently-removed head writer Chuck Pratt, ALL MY CHILDREN became downright unbearable. Here’s hoping that the incoming scribe, yet to be named, fixes the situation before the long-running sudser becomes the latest casualty of the soap-killing virus sweeping the networks.

Show That Should Be Better Than It Is: FLASHFORWARD’s premise is phenomenal, and it understands the importance of a weekly cliffhanger. And yet somehow… it just hasn’t found its groove.

Most Watered-Down Villain: ONE TREE HILL gave Dan a TV show and a bitchy wife… then had him go all do-gooder on us.

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  • Nick

    THANKS for pointing out something The CW needs to FIX IN A HURRY! No primetime soap opera can exist without great villains, and making murderer Dan Scott a nicey-nicey, please-forgive-me, do-gooder has been a HORRIBLE MISTAKE!

  • Dave

    COMPLETELY agree with the Dan issue. The only thing interestying about him all season was him taking Nathan’s agent in the water and nearly beating some sence into him. But still he has become a watered down do gooder who is uninteresting to watch. He is a good villain and people love hating him. Come on CW fix it!

  • totally agree with Jay Leno/NBC. the Dave s/l on desperate wasn’t as great as it could have been and who didn’t guess Dave’s idenity? Dud. ‘All My Children” has been horrible. CBS cancels 2 soaps and that ABC trainwreck chugs along. Meanwhile, One Life To Live is the best soap on daytime right now and ABC treats it like an ‘Eastwick’ leftover. lol No publicity. lol

  • CaptainZap

    So you’re complaining that Glee had a major story arc that only lasted 13 episodes? Remember, Glee is a Fox show. No matter how good the show was expected to be, there was no guarantee it would get a 14th episode. Do I have to list the quality shows Fox has let die an early death over the past decade? I applaud Ryan Murphy for having the foresight to not leave the audience hanging in the event that Fox decided they could get an extra tenth of a rating point from “Who Wants to Marry a Bachelorette Who Thinks She Can Dance and Swap Her for an Apprentice Supernanny Who Loses Weight?”

  • kevin

    while i agree some of the writing on glee could be better in terms of plots, you gotta give them a break in terms of long term storytelling ability. there’s no way anyone who works on that show thought it would really make it past the first 13 episodes.

  • Re Glee. I actually found a wrapped up storyline refreshing. Tell a story. Then tell another one. I hope they do it again.

  • Megan

    I agree on most fronts, but the Glee one! I think that Ryan Murphy gave fans what they want, some sort of conclusion before a big break. Murphy didn’t know if Glee would get picked up for more episodes, so he’s making sure not to leave us hanging. I loved it. There is no way I would have been happy if those story lines didn’t get some closure before the break. Cut Murphy a break!

  • If TheTVAddict means what I think he means about Glee, then I totally agree with him. However, I’m not sure we’re all on the same page with the comment…

    Each episode feels a little *too* different & self-contained. There’s not a smooth enough transition between. It has the feel of many outside writers each taking their swing at an episode rather than a consistent team of writer/producers keeping the overalll storyline cohesive.

    The main example is how often members of the glee club have quit. At first, it seemed like every episode was going to be about someone else leaving the club and then being coaxed back in. I guess you could argue this is normal for a high school girl, but in a short number of episodes, Rachel has already had crushes on Finn, Puck, and Mr. Schuester. I’ve felt that Sue’s character is often painted as *too* evil. But, they showed her softer side in one episode, and then turned her right back to excessively evil the next week. And, what is the status between Artie & Tina?

    I just wish each week felt like it built off the previous week a little better rather than each week feeling like its own distinct little experiment.

  • Josh Emerson

    I think I disagree with you on Glee, depending on what exactly you mean. If you’re talking about the storylines being wrapped up at the end of the first 13 episodes, that’s something I really liked. I hate when shows drag things out for 22 episodes and sometimes multiple seasons before finally giving the big payoff.

    I agree with you on ABC with both V and Brothers & Sisters. The way they promoted a death in the B&S movie and then had nothing was just pathetic. And I’m afraid V is going to lose most of its momentum by the time it returns, even though it’ll be airing after Lost.

  • In terms of GLEE, my big issue is not so much as to how everything was wrapped up within 13 episodes, after-all with such an outside-the-box show who could blame the creative team for only planning 13. But with the overall unevenness summed up perfectly via Todd W in NC’s comments. How is it the Tina and Artie storyline fell off the map entirely, we finally see a more human Sue only to forget about it completely. At times it seems the story takes a back seat to which major musical number we can throw into the episode and subsequently sell on iTunes.

  • BizarroP

    I liked the Dave storyline on Desperate Housewives…

  • Hil

    I agree on the GLEE point. No one is knocking how they did finally finish off some of the storylines in the final episode…the problem was all the crazy up and down stuff throughout the season. People quitting and rejoining every other episode, character motivations changing each episode (or just forgotten), big moments and conflicts forgotten or even contradicted in the next episode, mood swings, entire plot lines dropped while ridiculous ones that make you think people had to be dropped on their heads repeatedly as a baby to believe it played over and over again (fake baby pad/hot tub?)…

  • Athena606

    i totally agree about Flash Forward i want to love and i should but it falls just short of that

  • Oh, yeah, if someone thought TheTVAddict’s Glee comment was about winning Sectionals halfway through the first season, I don’t have a problem with that at all. Getting to Sectionals is just the end of a mini-arc. There’s still Regionals, probably a State competition, and maybe Nationals, if they really go that far with it. And, as for the fake baby arc, that couldn’t last forever.

    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer had season long arcs, and in recent years, a lot of shows, especially those on Syfy have “fall finales.” On Glee, Sectionals is just a checkpoint along a larger path.

    Like most high school shows, Glee is probably starting off with sophomores. My guess is, they will only come in 2nd or 3rd in Regionals at the end of season 1, giving them something to work harder for. They’ll win all the way up to State in season 2, making glee club more cool and paving the way for a bigger group and more filler characters. And, in season 3, they’ll “blow the roof off the dump” getting to Nationals before the first group graduates — as the younger filler characters gradually rise to main cast status to take over Glee 2.0. The whole theme of season 3 will be passing the torch. Just my guess.

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  • Chitown_mimi

    I think you need a BIGGEST NETWORK BLUNDER 3rd runner up- Placing Fringe on Thursday!! This is one of the best sci fi shows on today, and it is being poorly programmed by FOX!! This show deserves so much more fans and accolades.

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