Proof That TV Has Rotted Our Brains!


Since it appears that we are the only TV/DEXTER Addict who didn’t realize that Arthur Mitchell’s daughter Rebecca is played by Vanessa Marano, the very-same actress who first burst onto the scene so unexpectedly as Luke’s daughter, April, on GILMORE GIRLS. It naturally got us thinking…

Would not a small town such as Stars Hollow be the perfect cover for our favorite (Spoiler Alert!) newly widowed anti-hero? Just imagine, Dexter Morgan: Diner owner by day, serial killer by night. It’s the perfect cover! Not to mention, if Taylor Dosey steps out of line even a teensy little a bit….

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  • Cat

    She is also on Asthe World Turns as the sister of Michael Baldwin!

  • I can’t believe I didn’t recognize her on Dexter

  • it’s the young and the restless and her character on there, Eden, is not worth the airtime. lol glad she’s moonlightning. lol

  • I realized after the Thanksgiving episode. I thought I was behind then.

  • omg, that dexter ep. just saw. lol ok, i’m behind. this chick was great. y and r is not writing for this chick. lol Marano looked all ‘flowers in the attic’ with that hair and roses hitting on Dexter. lol great ep. esp. loved the twist at the end. did not see that. i apologize ms. marano. -) lol u do primetime well.

  • John K.

    Here’s something even better: Arthur Mitchell’s son Joan, played by Brando Eaton, plays the gay kid Griffin on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager (sadly, I didn’t need to look up a single one of those facts). Now that’s a show that could really use a serial killer.

  • Nick

    Didn’t she run off with Kirk, leaving Lulu weeping at the altar?

  • buzmeg

    She (Vanessa Marano) also played Jack Malone’s( Anthony LaPaglia) daughter on Without A Trace.

  • I hadn’t made the Secret Life connection but I see it now that you said it.