Our 2009 TV Year in Review (Part III)

Best In Joke: Everybody knows a long-running show is in trouble when they give established characters a baby or long-lost sibling. So when SUPERNATURAL gave the Winchester boys a bro, the scribes titled the episode “Jump The Shark.” 

Most Over-hyped Reality Contestant: The folks at SURVIVOR tried convincing us that Russell was the kind of guy who ate live kittens. Instead, he was all bark and no bite, more imp than demon.

Most Misleading Ad Campaign: Before its debut, commercials for THE GOOD WIFE had us anticipating a juicy political potboiler. What we got instead was a stale courtroom drama. Great performances on behalf of the cast, but not the bill of goods we were sold.

Lamest Kiss: Given the pre-buss buzz, we expected the same-sex liplock between GOSSIP GIRL’s Chuck and Josh to rock our worlds. Instead, it was about as passionate as a grandma’s kiss on the cheek. (Although we did enjoy Chuck saying to Blair, “Do you really think I’ve never kissed a guy before?”)

Best Single Episode: BIG LOVE’s road-trip centric episode, “Come, Ye Saints” gave every member of the Hendrickson clan a major moment as Bill and Nikki’s individual pill-popping secrets came out, Margene got an unwelcome admirer and we all realized why family vacations aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.

Proof That You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: In less than a year, DAYS OF OUR LIVES went from trash to treasure, regaining a healthy share of its audience in the process.

Most Shocking Moment: We were grossed out — and then laughed our butts off — when a dog ate the heart meant for ONE TREE HILL’s Dan.

Worst Planning: THE L WORD spent an entire season asking us “who killed Jenny?” and then never resolved the question!

Reality Trend That Needs To Stop Immediately: For the love of God, no more REAL HOUSEWIVES OF… well, anywhere!

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  • Ace

    I know I’m going to anger someone over this, but the most hyped reality show contestant ever has to go to Adam Lambert. Given I’m more of an alternative rock girl, but his shrieking voice cannot disappear soon enough. (And that opinion has absolutely nothing to do with his personal life or live TV antics.)

    Completely agree about your Good Wife comment. The show isn’t bad, just kind of boring despite the good acting. And I hope they use Chris Noth more in the back half of the season.

    I can’t watch Bravo live anymore b/c I can’t even stand the commercials for those silly shows. I’m hoping that they have oversaturated the market and people will grow tired of them soon (like Who Wants to be a Millionare).

  • Dave

    I have to completely disagree with Days turning it around. I think ever sence EJ and Sammy and company have been the main focul point the show has gotten horrible. I miss the old days of Stepheno being a heartless bastard and not just some company man that gets what he wants. I ended up having to stop watching the show when Sammy’s son started getting on the show more and I wanted to stab my self in the ears everytime the kid had a line.

  • Remy

    Ace, I think you just became my new favorite person. I can’t stand Adam Lambert’s voice – and the antics offscreen just irk me more because at this point he isn’t famous for having a (supposedly) good voice, but for this image. Ahh, whatevs.

    I’m hoping with Gossip Girl shifting it’s focus onto Jenny and Chuck next season that we’ll finally get some good Chuck and Blair lovin’ that the show has seriously been lacking on. Cmon, don’t make them into a boring couple. Keep the heat alive!!

  • Nick

    Dear Remy and every other Chuck/Blair poster:

    “…we’ll finally get some good Chuck and Blair lovin'” ??? Gaahhh! Are you kidding? What is remotely interesting about watching those two roll around in the sack? And yet I read comment after comment requesting it. They HAVE indeed become the show’s most boring couple, simply BECAUSE the producers gave fans their wish and made them a couple. Now what? You just wanna watch ’em have sex?

    Sorry, I demand a WHOLE lot more plot than that drivel. I say: break ’em up and keep them apart. They were so much more interesting then.

  • Love “Big Love.” I’m eagerly awaiting season 3 on netflix.

    Can’t wait. I agree about ‘Gossip Girl’s’ hyped male kiss. Big whoop. Dud. Even worse, “GG” goes for a 3 way and ppl are like, ‘so what?” lol

    As for ‘Days’, never the same for me. It’s better, I’ll give it that. Yet, the cast is so small now and the bad teen actors just can’t hold my attention. ‘Mia’ anyone? lol Missed An ACting Class more like it! lol

    totally agree about ‘good wife.’ checked it out. yes, it was good, but not what i was promised. in the paper biz that’s called ‘bait and switch.’ lol except I didn’t come back for another ep.

  • Remy

    Ouch Nick. Please give me a little credit here and don’t make me out to be a fan girl. Trust me, I don’t want to just watch them fool around.

    What I miss about the show is the way it kept those two characters interesting. I want the drama back between them, because they’ve always had such good chemistry (even in the early episodes before they hooked up). I want the love that they have for each other to come back to being an important part of the show – because you know that’s what kept people tuning in over the last season. There’s so much story that can be told with the two of them as a couple, and it just hasn’t been explored. Instead we’ve gotten Serena being dumb and slutty. I’m sick of it. As it is, Chuck was barely featured in an episode before this last one (except to point out how dumb Jenny, Serena, and Blair were being at various times).

    I want my Chuck and Blair to be interesting again. To play more than the role of sage adviser and trying-to-fit-in girl. Make them the power couple that we want to watch.

  • Chitown_mimi

    Tvaddict, you would put One Tree Hill’s episode as the most shocking moment over Dexter’s season finale? Really? I was so shocked by the sight of his little boy in blood and his wife dead in the tub.

  • TVFan

    I still enjoy The Good Wife even though it is a little to on the CBS procedural side for me. Less case of the week, more Chris Noth!