Our 2009 TV Year in Review (Part IV)

Best Subplot: This hasn’t been the best season for THE OFFICE, but hooking Michael up with Pam’s mom was a stroke of genius that came to a conclusion way too soon.

Worst Cliffhanger, Part 1: Who did Mike marry? Who cares. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ended last season on a whimper, proving once again that it needs to put someone in charge who understands how to tell a continuing story, including the importance of true cliffhangers and pacing.

Worst Cliffhanger, Part 2: After months of rumors about the plane slated to crash on Wisteria Lane (including the intriguing premise of it being Oceanic’s LOST flight) turned out to be a puddle jumper that left either Orson or Karl. Yawn.

Most Obvious Product Development: How did it take the folks at Showtime until the end of THE L WORD’s run to come up with a line of lipsticks? Winey Kit, Red Hot Bette, Blushing Alice and Naturally Naughty Shane cosmetics allow any gal to become a lipstick lesbian!

Show That’s Worse Than You Think: At this point, every episode of GREY’S ANATOMY is exactly the same: Opening monologue, semi-shocking moment, commercial, whining, inappropriate-for-the-workplace sexual remarks/behaviour, closing monologue, semi-shocking mini-cliffhanger, fade to black. Bored now.

Funniest Feud: Blowhard bloviator Bill O’Reilly got hot under the collar when a LAW & ORDER character referred to him (and other right wing loons) as “a cancer spreading ignorance and hate.” O’Reilly called it “defamatory” but, of course, failed to take his charge to the courts… where the fictional character’s would have been proven true.

Best Place To Go For Information: Nobody plays the commentary game better than MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. (That said, we get practically giddy during COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN’s night “Worst Persons In The World” segment.)

The Short-But-Sweet Guest Gig We Loved: TOP CHEF’s Padma Lakshmi’s cameo on 30 ROCK left us hungering for her to get a show of her own.

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  • Josh Emerson

    Totally agree about The Office and Rachel Maddow. Rachel is brilliant, one of the best on TV.

    I’m still enjoying Grey’s. I know it’s not the most inventive show, but I think it has gotten far better than what it was a year or two ago.

  • Chitown_mimi

    I have to disagree with you about the Desperate Housewives Cliff Hanger. The idea that something might happen to Lynette’s unborn twins really makes me sad, but also interesting to see how Felicity handles this development.

  • Chitown_mimi

    Also…Grey’s has gotten really good these days! The Chief’s alcoholism, the “I Saw What I Saw” episode, and the “Give Peace a Chance” episode. Those episodes were Fantastic- bar none. You gotta give them that, at least.

  • I’m still liking and loving Desperate Housewives, but it’s not appt. tv like it use to be. I agree about some points (the who will Mike marry? wasn’t much of a cliff hanger) and the plane crash was hyped up more than needed. Maybe I didn’t see it, but they could have had a better ending than just Karl, Orson, and Bree in a toy house. lol Should have edited and directed ending differently. Ie; shots of shocked faces and blood on the street. bodies laying around. ‘time stood still’ kind of moment. Now that would leave many ?’s. I hope this airplane crash doesn’t turn into Housewives ‘Moldavia Massacre’ ala Dynasty. lol Where no one died that mattered. lol

  • TVFan

    So disappointed by my favorite housewives this season but gotta disagree with your GREY’s assessment. This season is a return to form for the series.

  • Josh C.

    i agree with chitown. this season of greys has been alot better than most.

  • Josephine

    O’Reilly never said those comments. You should really check your facts. O’Reilly is annoying and obnoxious, but what L&O did was defamatory, and if he DID take them to court, O’Reilly would win.

    Seriously, even if you disagree with somebody’s politics, that doesn’t make them evil, and it also doesn’t justify ignoring the facts. It IS possible to find somebody annoying and frustrating and STILL objectively defend false statements made against them.

  • kelly

    I think you need to check the law books a bit closer. O’reilly is a public figure, which means he most likely *wouldn’t* win the case if he brought a case against a tv show.

  • PublicFrenemyNumber1

    Oh, we’re going to talk about O’Reilly here? Great.
    Does anyone remember how O’Reilly started on television? He was the “anchor” on a show called “Inside Edition”. It was an irritating gossip tv rag with the occasional serious story just like “Access Hollywood” and “The Insider” that focused on uninteresting, often defamatory stories about celebrities and political figures. For O’Reilly to bitch and whine about a made up story with political overtones after making a living on a show that perpetuated pretty much the same thing 5 nights a week shows that for one, he’s guilty of whatever it is he thinks they’re pointing fingers at him for….and two, he’s the same astonishingly self righteous, dim-witted spoiled brat man-child that he always has been. Oh and he’s also a pretentious hypocrite. That was my larger point.