Following the massive success of BLUE HARVEST (FAMILY GUY’s parody of the original Star Wars movie), it didn’t take a Jedi mind trick to predict that FOX’s evil emperor equivalent (Rupert Murdoch) would have Seth MacFarlane and Co. hitting the hyperdrive on a follow up. Unfortunately, unlike its predecessor, which was a fun and smartly-crafted love letter to the iconic film franchise that started it all (Chris/Luke: “You don’t believe in the force, do you?”, Han/Peter, “You mean that thing you just found out about 3 hours ago and are now judging me on?”), SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING DARK SIDE plays out more like your standard uneven episode of FAMILY GUY. Complete with celebrity cameos (George Takei! James Caan!), dated parodies (MAGNUM PI, Rocky, Back to the Future) and recycled jokes (Yet again, a power outage forces Peter to recount the tale of Star Wars to the family, Meg is a monster, Stewie plays Darth Vadar gay) it will be viewers who are left wishing for a power outage of their very own, or at the very least 44 minutes of their life back. Grade: D

  • David

    I didn’t find it to be better or worse than the first one. I found it to be enjoyable for a one time only viewing. It won’t repeat well just like Blue Harvest.

  • TVFan

    Having been utterly disappointed by the DVD I purchased over the weekend, where was this review on Friday! Honestly brutal. MacFarlane should have realized they had problems when the funniest thing about the movie was the opening crawl.