Diary of a Soap Opera Virgin


Dear diary, today I decided to watch a soap opera for the very first time. Why? Well, it seemed almost wrong to call my elf a true TV addict without having sampled the most addictive of all television formats, the continuing daytime drama. (Plus, these reruns are driving me bonkers!). 

I picked the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL because, well, frankly, it’s a half hour. Plus, I’d been told that it’s fairly easy for a newbie such as myself to jump into thanks to its small cast and easy-to-digest mix of humor and melodrama.

So what did I get on day one? Honestly, a mixed bag. Strike one for the genre was that B&B failed to live up to its namesake right off the bat by broadcasting in… brace yourself… hideous 1990’s style standard definition. Seriously, what is up with that. I know soaps as an industry are hurting economically, but so, too, are my eyes dammit!

That said, things got far easier on the eyes when some woman named Sandy opened off the episode with Jack Wagner. How did I not know MELROSE PLACE’s Dr. Peter Burns was doing a soap? And how, exactly, has the actor managed to not age over the past ten years? Oh there’s where the standard definition came in.

And the parallels to Aaron Spelling nigh-time sudser’s don’t end there. Turns out the crux of the episode involved a very MODELS INC. fashion house that is embroiled in a family power play over who gets control over Forrester Creations. From what I could gather, the fate of the company lies in the hands of three sisters, two of whom seem to be scheming against the other. Why? Something to do with a goatee-sporting dude who was insisting on seeing the company’s latest designs before letting the press get a glimpse of them. Call me crazy, but that seemed like a good idea to me. I may not know much about fashion, but who just sends things down the runway without letting the big guy check them out first? Me thinks there’s something afoot, but damned if I know what. Guess that’s why they say… tune in tomorrow!

  • David

    I’m still watching primetime on my DVR, no time for soaps. But if I were to watch a soap I would probably download Eastenders from the UK, it’s supposed to be pretty good.

  • jess

    lol I still watch Days of Our Lives and General Hosptial (there in HD) they’re kinda crazy and full of of gratuitous violence 🙂

  • LOL. Kudos for watching and trying. I prefer One Life to Live and Young & Restless. Soaps are just like primetime, it’s all about the characters. As for ‘Sandy’, she’s played by Emmy Winning Actress Sarah Brown and she’s good.

  • z

    im glad u are trying out the most addictive form of television. i’ve been watching soaps since i was about 11– and i’ve stuck with one GENERAL HOSPITAL. So if u want a true soap addiction experience- try it! its on HD. The story is a bit more complicated but fun and exciting. let us know if u try it out and what u think!

  • Caitlin

    The only reason I watch Bold and Beautiful is because of Lesley-Anne Down but when she isn’t on there is no reason to tune in in my honest opinion.

  • Caitlin

    Lesley-Anne Down and Brandon Beemer have made the amazingly hot and sexy cougar pairing of Jowen absolutely phenomenal and when they are on my tv is tuned to B&B. The gorgeous Lesley-Anne Down and wonderfully hot Brandon Beemer are the only reasons my tv is tuned to B&B.

  • Jennifer

    Y & R is the greatest soap opera ever! It is strangely addictive and yet, even if you miss a few weeks or even months, it only takes one episode to get caught up.

  • Brian

    I recommend you check out One Life to Live, that’s my favorite soap, you’ve got rival divas Erika Sleazak and Robin Strasser, and the adorable KISH ( Mash up name for Hunky police offer Oliver Fish and his bf cutie Kyle). OLTL does both over the top No-she-didn’t drama and social issues both really well.

  • Terese

    Congrats on losing your soap virginity. It can be quite pleasurable when you choose the right soap lol. Personally i only tune into B&B when Jowen played by Brandon Beemer and Lesley Anne Down are on. There is no other reason to tune in really. Jowen will have you hooked faster than you can say “i want more”

    Should check out Y&R too if you get a chance

  • william

    Yeah, you picked the wrong soap to watch. it is true its the easiest to get into, but that should speak for itself why its one of the worst soaps. Days of our Lives and One Life to Live are the only soaps’ that truley still soap operas.

  • Abe Froman

    I don’t like fish and i don’t like birds.

  • kristin

    i love general hospital there lots excitment and drama and there is a mob i find it very easy to watch and days and one life to live are also very easy to watch!!

    good job watching soaps!!

  • SaneN85

    GH is easily the most addictive to newcomers (and man, are most of the women beyond gorgeous and the men are delectable eye candy) and One Life to Live is the best soap on the air PERIOD.