Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Watch THE WIRE, and not just because it’s stuff white people like. Rather, I’m sick and tired of people questioning my addiction to TV as they look down at me with disdain and wonder how on earth I haven’t found the time to watch what is apparently the most authentic and gritty series in the history of television!

Stop buying TV on DVD box sets the moment the hit store shelves. Why you ask? Well, if my recent forays to Best Buy and Amazon this holiday season illustrated anything, it’s that a little patience translates into big savings. Like the hundreds of dollars I would have saved by waiting until THE WEST WING was released as a complete series box set instead of the $350 dollars I flushed down the toilet purchasing individually-packaged seasons at $55 dollars a pop!ย 

Watch less TV. After all, there comes a point in every TV Addict’s life when he can’t help but wonder, just how much television is too much? With that in mind, I am kicking off the New Year by issuing a warning to several shows that, frankly, are only being watched at this point out of a sense of loyalty. Thanks to the 500-channel universe we now live in โ€” not to mention quality shows on DVD, the occasional movie and my newly-developed obsession with with my PS3 (Uncharted 2 FTW!) andโ€ฆ well, as they say, there are only so many hours in the day (even when you fast-forward through commercials!). So listen up, ENTOURAGE and THE CLEVELAND SHOW: You’ve officially been put on notice. Shape up, or youโ€™re outta here!

Support Canadian Television other than DEGRASSI. For years, this TV Addict has thumbed his nose at home-grown television. That said, if BEING ERICA, CBC’s THE HOUR and yes, even DRAGON’S DEN taught us anything this year, it’s that we really should be giving “Can Con” a second look. Finger’s crossed Gregory Smith and Missy Peregrym’s upcoming ABC/Global co-production, COPPER, doesn’t disappoint.

And finally, in my continued effort to stave off my inevitable candidacy for NBC’s THE BIGGEST LOSER, it’s never too late to start eating healthier. We hope.

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  • Great list! The Wire is at the top of my “10 shows I feel guilty for not watching” list

    I’m resolving to make a dent in that list in 2010.

  • Ace

    You will love The Wire. One of the best shows ever made (esp the first and fourth seasons). It is such a shame that it was practically ignored during its 5 season run. I always get excited when I see one of the characters on another show (Bubbles and Marlo were on Heroes, Stringer Bell and Beatrice were on The Office, and Michael is on 90210).

    And I’m really bad about #2. But I will still buy Chuck next Tuesday! I just wish it had come out this week so I could have a marathon w/ the extra time off this weekend :).

  • Remy

    Don’t remind me. Seeing Friends DVDs for sale at Target on Black Friday for $8 made me weep a little….so much money wasted…oh well, I was young. I needed them.

    I resolve to watch The Wire and Lost. Of course, I’ve been meaning to start on Lost for two years and still haven’t done it, but now that I’m done with school I finally stand a chance. That is if other shows don’t continue getting in the way (yes Bones and Psych, I’m looking at you).

  • Andy

    I could follow all of these. I have always wanted to watch the Wire, I could definitely not buy TV on DVD the day they come out…X-Files complete series…I am at my breaking point for TV and if a show isn’t cutting it I will cut them out, not enough time. I’d also like to broaden my tv viewing habits to other countries only now getting into some great UK stuff. Number five I did this year and got my weight down to a respectable level and I’m feeling great. It is great to not feel guilty about how much TV I watch when I go jogging five days a week!

  • Dave

    That is funny you mention The Wire as I had just started watching it last week after hearing so much praise for the show. I am about 3 episodes into the second season and loving it so far. It still doesnt beat The Shield to me but I have heard the show really doesnt pick up steam til the third season so I will wait and see. That still doesnt go to say that it is a great show so far. Great characters and great writing.

  • Dave


    You 100% HAVE to move The Shield and Dexter up off of your HM list. The Shield was one of the most emotional captivating shows. From the very first episode you will be emotionally tested and from there on out just keeps going. It shocks, it has great guest apparences(Anthony Anderson, and Forest Whitacker were great especially Forest) It really is a show that does very well at expressing the emotions of the characters and you get cought up in it. It really is a great show.

    And Dexter is just awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nick

    My new philosophy…unless you’re planning to sit and watch a DVD marathon, why are you buying the set? They’ll always be available at the store, and most of the episodes are online, if you’ve gotta have a quick fix.

    I really don’t understand the need to rush out and spend hundreds of dollars on discs that will gather dust on a shelf. Networks and studios should be kissing the feet of whoever dreamed up this scam. I liken it to leasing a car…essentially renting the car and owning nothing in the end.

  • Amen to #1, #3, and #5. Actually, I’ve already put The Wire season 1 on my download list (We don’t have the wire dvds in Brazil, unfortunetely) , and after the “movies season” (I always try to watch the movies that were nominated for the Spirit Awards, Golden Globes, and Oscars), the marathon will start!

  • Michael

    You’re completely right about TV on DVD tvAddict! One of the steps to overcoming addictions is admitting that I have a problem and looking at my DVD shelves and seeing that there are 20 unfinished TV on DVD sets in there is enbarrasing. My first resolution will be to not buy any DVDs until I watch all of the ones on my shelves. Hey that Glee DVD I picked up yesterday didn’t count! That was 2009 me, this is 2010 me!

  • I assure you, The Wire will change your life. Excited to hear that you’re diving in. I found it helpful to pull up Wikipedia whenever it got too complicated (cause it can). As for your eating healthier attempts, might I suggest what I did, and put a treadmill/exercise bike in front of the tube? Heart disease is the number one killer among TV addicts.

  • RileyMcG

    Watching The Wire was my 2009 resolution. It’s also my 2010 resolution. And I couldn’t agree more about Entourage being on notice. It needs to get better or else I’m tuning out too.

  • Cindy

    I think you’re missing a #6: Update podcast regularly. I mean seriously, what happened to that? It’s been a month!

  • DB

    you’re right about the waiting for sale thing, but to support our favorite tv show, we do have to buy them the first week they hit store because that’s when the studio tack how the title does (like box office ranking.)
    only if tv-dvd sell at healthy amount like movies title that studio will take it seriously with good extra, no music replacement, no low quality transfer, and the biggest no no: no stopping the release after only one or two season on the market (case in point: EVERWOOD)
    so if you love a show enough and willing to spend the big buck before end-of-the-year, then by all means, buy them up!

  • Hil

    You can usually get pretty good deals the first week a box set is out. It is when you wait a month or more and all of the new release sales wears off that you really get into trouble. Of course waiting five years for a Christmas sale is another option…but who wants to wait that long? And why are people buying season sets of FRIENDS anyway? Maybe it is a secret penalty for bad taste.

    I just stuck The Wire on my netflix queue. What usually happens to me is that I start a new show off through netflix, like it so much I can’t wait for the next discs to come in the mail, and end up buying the box sets for myself. Netflix is a good way of previewing to see if you’ll like it before making the big purchase. This is how I got into Dexter and Dead Like Me. Wasn’t sure enough initially to buy them, but was interested enough to netflix them. Then I ended up buying them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Armando A

    Abouth #4: You HAVE to give The Listener a second chance. I agree the first 2 episodes are worse than the Secret Life of the American Teenager pilot, but in episode 3 something happens that makes the show Really great!

    And also, it’ll have a second season ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SaneN85

    That’s funny, because I am now on Ep #8 of season 2 of The Wire for my second viewing of the series. Also, it’s something that black people like too. It’s just a damn good show and the only show I’ve EVER bothered watching more than once and bought on DVD.

    Man, I feel like after reading #3 that we were separated at birth. I think I may need to cut a few shows loose as well, and actually finding myself wishing 1 or 2 would finally end so I can finish the series, but still free up some time. I also have a brand new PS3 addiction (Infamous).

  • TVFan

    The Wire is definitely worth the investment.