Ring in the New Year with Our Printable January 2010 TV Calendar!

Dear Readers, Happy New Year! We sincerely hope that you found the time between holiday commitments with family and friends to clear off your DVR/PVR (Seriously folks, PUSHING DAISIES is kaput! It’s time to click the delete button and free up some much-needed space for Syfy’s upcoming CHUCK marathon on January 7th) Because starting January 3rd, networks are ringing in the New Year with a deluge of shows starting with the return of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and BROTHERS & SISTERS.

And here, as usual, to help you keep track of 78 different new and returning favorites (Yes, we counted. Yes, we have ‘issues’) is theTVaddict.com with your downloadable and printable guide to January TV 2010. Available at the following links as both a High Quality PDF or JPG.

  • Ace

    You mentioned the Chuck marathon and then forgot to put the Chuck premiere date on your calendar! It comes back on Sunday the 10th for a 2 hour premiere and then moves to its regular Monday slot on the 11th at 8.

  • Josh Emerson

    Delete Pushing Daisies?! Blasphemy! Unless you own both seasons on DVD or preferably Blu-ray, then it’s okay.

    I see Secret Diary Of A Call Girl is coming back! I had heard nothing about it until now and it hasn’t even aired in the UK yet. Last season they aired it over there months before Showtime.

  • Dave

    Am I missing something? How are OTH and Life unexpected both on at 9PM? THats going to be hard for my DVR to pull off.

  • IAS

    Help! I can’t find which channel ABC Camily is!

  • As always, the crowd-sourced editing is much appreciated!

  • bws

    Ok, this is weird… “Fringe” is showing up in my DVR with a new episode on January 11th at 8pm Central. That’s the “House” slot. TV.com says Fringe has new episodes on 1/11 and 1/14 but I haven’t been able to confirm it on fox.com. Anyone know? I had originally thought that Fringe wasn’t coming back until 4/1. January is a mess of TV. Special nights for Chuck and 24, some shows taking 2 months off for the Olympics (which are about 14 days), Scrubs and Better Off Ted burning off episodes, American Idol and Human Target swapping time slots after a week… it’s crazy.

  • Ace

    bws – Thank goodness for the TV menu and a DVR. They did try to make things as confusing as possible. And I had heard that Fringe was going to be new on one random night in January too… Way to mess w/ us, Fox.

  • Sarah

    Fox’s official Fringe website says the next new episode of Fringe is 1/7, for what it’s worth.

  • Ace

    IMDB is showing new episodes on January 11 (a Monday), 14, 21, and 28 (all Thursdays). The episode listed on January 7th is a repeat of the last episode (aired Dec. 10). This Fox schedule is also showing the 7th as a repeat: http://www.fox.com/schedule.htm#week:2010-01-03

  • Thursday the 14th.
    Private Practice and Mentalist are 10pm right?

  • David

    White Collar vs. Southland, damn you cable! And damn you NBC for putting the Chuck premiere against the second half of The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special.

  • David

    Also “Archer” premieres on FX on January 14.

  • David

    Also noticed you had The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy & American Dad on the 31st, they’re actually back on January 3rd.

  • bws

    I LOVE Fringe – top 5 show this season – but I cannot for the life of me figure out what Fox is trying to do with it. This is a show I really want to go 5 or 6 seasons. Fox ‘says’ they are still supporting it but this is getting really fishy.

    Sundays are messy in January with the 24 and Chuck specials. Thankfully, Big Love has a couple airings each night so my 2-tuner DVR has some wiggle room.

  • bws

    Ahhh TV Guide reports that the Monday episode of Fringe is in fact an unaired episode from season 1. Interesting.

  • TVFan

    Thanks as always!

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  • whytheface

    You forgot to add Republic of Doyle on your Jan premiers. It started on the CBC last night.

  • A. Falos

    Will you have a TV calendar for new shows starting back in Feb or March like Lost and V?

  • A. Falos,
    The first of each month brings with it a new calendar. Thanks for asking.

  • Where is the rest of the February calendar? I need to know what is coming on this week…other than Secret Diary of a Call Girl which your January calendar mistakenly said was on last week.