An In Depth Look at THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Torrid Trio!

That the goal of is world domination – or at least being your go-to site for all things tube-ular – is no secret. And even if it was, now our cover is certainly being blown, because as of this week, we are branching out into uncharted (for us, anyway) territory: the wacky world of soap operas.

With the help of our suds-savvy pals at Soaps In Depth, will now be bringing you highlights and previews from daytime television, starting with this sneak peek at their current cover story on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ feuding femmes fatales, Phyllis and Sharon, and Nick, the man-whore husband they can’t resist. In upcoming episodes, Soaps In Depth writes, Phyllis informs her man that it’s (past) time to decide which woman he wants – her, his current missus, or Sharon, his remarried ex.

“Never mind that Phyllis stole Nick from Sharon way back when,” suggests Soaps In Depth’s managing editor Richard M. Simms, “she’s had it. She even slapped him smack upside the head the last time he started waffling. Of course, viewers can’t make up their minds on this subject any better than Nick can. Some want him to go back to Sharon, some want him to stick with Phyllis.”

However, though Nick may never give a truly final answer, viewers – or at least Soaps In Depth readers – can. The magazine’s Supercouple Smackdown feature this week invites them to cast ballots for either Nick and Phyllis or Nick and Sharon. (You can also throw your weight behind THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Donna and Eric or Stephanie and Eric, and AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Lily and Holden or Molly and Holden.)

Yeah, this is gonna get ugly – for the couples, for Soaps In Depth readers, and if you’re up for some finger-waggin’, name-callin’, hair-pullin’ good, clean, dirty fun, for you, too!

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  • Andy

    If you are going to start talking about daytime tv does that mean you’ll stop making sarcastic comments about Desperate Housewives? It is going to be hard taking your criticism seriously on Entertainment Weekly’s Vampire and Twilight coverage from now on. Not that I disagree with it but I thought the TV addict had slightly higher standards.

  • nctodc

    All due respect, Andy, but on a DAILY basis, some soaps get as many viewers as, say, a new episode of Gossip Girl on the CW. No one complains when The TV Addict covers Gossip Girl on the blog though.

    Moreover, how can you criticize soaps but mention DH in the same post? Desperate Housewives IS a primetime soap opera. Most of the cast are daytime veterans, including current cast member Tuc Watkins, who’s been pulling double duty on DH and “One Life to Live” (and, FWIW, he’s hilarious on OLTL).

    I understand that soaps aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but holier than thou criticism seems unwarranted.

    That said, I’m not too keen on the partnership between the Addict and Soaps in Depth. I’m not a fan of soap magazines at all–they rotate the same couples on the cover all year round.

  • hey Daniel, love this new addition to ur site. There are only 6 soaps left or will be after ATWT’s run ends in Sept. (Which is a travesty b/c this show gets 2 million viewers at least a day which would be a hit on cable.)
    About Y&R: Love it. Phyllis and Nick were HOT. Now, I’m like ole Phyllis, fed up w/ Nick. lol That slap heard around Genoa City was GREAT. U could tell the actors went for it and “Nick’ almost fell backwards when striked. lol Overdue if U ask me. Now that’s good soap. Go on line to and watch Y&R whenever U want.
    As for who Nick should be, I don’t care! lol I want my girl Phyllis to be done and move on. Sharon can HAVE him. lol Nick may be a man whore (and a delicious one at that) but Sharon’s the bigger ho. lol Those 2 ho’s deserve each other. lol How’s that for hair pulling, name calling? Us soap fans love our genre and we’re just as passionate about them as our primetime shows. Who doesn’t love good tv? That’s the bottom line. -) imo

  • Andy

    That is why I mentioned Desperate Housewives. I love it and more times than not I am disappointed that the TV Addict gives it such a hard time and then will post something like this.

  • nctodc

    I think you missed my point, Andy.

  • Jen

    I think its about time Phyllis gets the taste of her own medicine the only difference is phyllis isene greiving the loss of a child i dont think that nut case phyllis deserves nick .if it wasent for cassey dying while she was with daniel then they wouldnt \even be together i think nick and sharron belong together and once nick finds out his baby is alive i know they will be together again screw phyllis she got nick caught in her trap while he was mourning the death of his daughter .so i think he should leave the ho and get sharron back.

  • ct

    The problem with desperate housewives — and why it is often given a hard time by not only Daniel but, in the past, myself — is that it is such a WILDLY uneven show. Desperate Housewives had what was perhaps the best pilot of the past decade. From that point on, the show never lived up to its promise. It has moments of brilliance, but more often than not, they are buried in trite subplots and bad dialogue.

    Soaps may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but by the same regard, neither is Desperate Housewives. In fact, NO one television show is EVERYONE’s cup of tea. That’s why there are 500 channels out there.

    To think that if you say something less-than-positive about one entry in a genre (Desperate Housewives) you have to be less-than-positive about all entries in the genre (soaps in general) is kinda silly. By that token, the same people praising Modern Family would be required to praise ‘Til Death.

  • toni kinchen

    i am so unhappy with the choice of the new Malcom, this guy does not fit the role. He cannot act,very unattractive and Lilly looks nothing like him. Come on Cbs get it together, i’m beginning to see the demise of my favorite soa[

  • audrey snow

    I really think that it is time for phyllis to leave nick and stop acting so weak. Nick told her that he loves sharon so he needs to be with her because you can tell that they still love each other. I really hope that sharon and nick gets there baby back while she is still a baby. Phyllis just needs to move on and stop playing second best.