Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Ways in Which We Survived Holiday Rerun Hell!


Chick Flicks
There was nothing complicated about our love for Nancy Meyers’ holiday smash It’s Complicated. In fact, it’s pretty much what happens when you put Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Hunter Parrish and scene-stealer Jon Krasinski at the top of any theater marquee. That said, what didn’t add up was how He’s Just Not That Into You — which on paper seemed like a sure winner thanks to its bonafide all-star ensemble of TV Addict favorites (including ENTOURAGE’s Kevin Connolly, ALIAS’ Bradley Cooper, COUGAR TOWN’s Busy Phillips, FRIENDS’ Jennifer Aniston, BIG LOVE’s Ginnifer Goodwin and “Mac Guy” Justin Long) translated into one of the least enjoyable movies of the year.

Just how enthusiastic were we for more of Larry David’s painfully funny and unique brand of humour following our first real taste of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM courtesy of this past season’s phenomenally funny SEINFELD reunion? We actually went as far as to dust off the Ol’Blockbuster membership (Remember when people used to have to travel to brick and mortar stores to rent videos?!) to pick up seasons one and four on DVD.

Even though one of our 2010 New Year’s Resolution did have us putting the breaks on our penchant for purchasing TV on DVD, on sale for a mere $12.99, it was hard to argue with the fourth season of NEWSRADIO. Particularly when said season involved one of the most underrated and funniest workplace ensembles in recent memory and includes the finale performance of Phil Hartman (RIP), the exit of Khandi Alexander’s Catherine Duke, a memorable arc featuring a pre-GILMORE GIRLS Lauren Graham, and guest appearances by Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Lovitz.

Rogers on Demand
If updates on were a little less than frequent as of late, feel free to send your complaints to Rogers On Demand, Canada’s Hulu equivalent which recently made THE WEST WING available for viewing at the click of a mouse. Both powerful and poignant, THE WEST WING’s inaugural season was not only Aaron Sorkin at his finest (Seriously, had we had the time or inclination, it undoubtedly would have made or best of the decade list) the parade of guest stars that dropped by the White House —including BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Edward James Olmos, HOUSE’s Lisa Edelstein and GILMORE GIRLS’ Liza Weil was really change we could believe in.

The Cove
Wondering how we’ll tie in The Cove — a gripping documentary that sheds some much needed light on the horrific slaughter of innocent Dolphins in the small Japanese coastal town of Taiji — to that of the wonderful world of television? Would you believe that it all started with the iconic television series FLIPPER? We urge you to discover the rest of the story for yourself by clicking here. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Although you may think twice before visiting SeaWorld.

  • nctodc

    Not gonna lie: I enjoyed far too many episodes of Law & Order: SVU over the holiday break.

  • The Christmas episode marathon of The West Wing! Loved it. I agree with ncotdc…I watched so many Law and Order epis–all the series.

  • luis

    kinda of hard but i survive with movies and nfl. n also thx 2 the holidays i could catch up and i started 2 watch new series, its necessary there`s a lot good movies out there you are on time. xD from vzla

  • J

    I took the holiday break to finally check out the original version of The Office. Maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of the US version (isn’t it well over 100 now?), but I’ve had trouble really getting into the show. It is interesting to see a few similarities as well as the many ways they’ve changed the show over here.

    I’ve also begun watching my new Blu-ray copies of Pushing Daisies. That show was brilliant.

  • ewanspotter

    Chick flicks? Bah. What’s kept me sane is multiple viewings of Sherlock Holmes.

  • Dave

    NewsRadio easily one of the funniest most underrated tv shows. Phil Hartman and Andy Dick at the time were genius, especially when they interact with each other.

  • Ace

    Enjoy your Blockbusters while you can. Most of the ones I have seen lately have been boarded up. Even though I’m a Netflix user, it does make me sad that the stores are disappearing. If only their on-line service had been better… (We switched when everything we wanted was a 6 month wait; if so many people are waiting for everything, buy more copies!)

    NewsRadio was awesome.

    I’ve been doing my fair share of TV on DVD watching. Finally getting around to MadMen and Battlestar Galactica.