Watch, PVR, Pass: Sunday January 3, 2010


THE SIMPSONS (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Fan of Tuesday with Morrie? Well, get ready for Sunday’s with Abe, when Grandpa becomes famous when a human-interest columnist (guest voiced by Mitch Albom) publishes his anecdote about serving on a battleship in World War II that was struck by a torpedo.

In the wake of December’s plane crash, tonight’s episode asks ‘What If…” You know, sort of like those classic episodes of FRIENDS featuring “Fat Monica” and “Stock Broker Phoebe,” minus the funny and entertaining parts.

BROTHERS & SISTERS (10PM ABC, Global in Canada)
Tonight’s instalment that has the rapid progression of Kitty’s lymphoma spurring an urgent quest to find a bone-marrow donor is directed by none other than Rob Lowe’s real-life brother Chad Lowe. Further proof that those who can’t act teach direct and that nepotism is in fact alive and well in Hollywood.

Yeah, we’d rather not.

  • Matt

    I like the commentary to go along with the grid!

  • TVFan

    I second Matt’s sentiments! Nice to see the commentary back for 2010.

  • Ace

    I like the commentary too. And I like that there is actually new TV on tonight 10x more!

  • BJ

    What would I do without this grid? Had no clue anything was new tonight, so thanks tvaddict!

  • Matt, TVFan, Ace, BJ, thanks for the kind words.

    And BJ, clearly somebody forgot to download our January calendar!

  • And the TV season is officially returning. Thank God…

  • Don’t forget the special two hour episode of Iron Chef tonight.