You Be the Critic: The LOST Supper


An epic LOST final season tease (Click here for an super-sized version of this just released “Last Supper”-inspired promotional art) or a total lack of originality? You decide.

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  • I wouldn’t call it unoriginal, just that they’re following along with a trend that’s been going on for years:

  • Hil

    Neither are original, though in being unoriginal it still is an interesting enough image I won’t fault either for going for it.

  • Keith,
    Touché. Not so much unoriginal as hugely disappointing. You’d think a series as unique as LOST would be able to dream up something a little more unique for their final season.

  • bws

    I wouldn’t exactly call it HUGELY disappointing. It’s not even disappointing. What IS interesting is that there are apparently two different versions with characters literally switching sides. Here are the two versions.

    And here is fishbiscuit’s review

  • I am not offended or ashamed of them, but it’s hard for me to believe that NO ONE who was a part of this campaign pays attention to Battlestar

  • TMZ

    Forget whether it’s original or not. The biggest tragedy is the horrible wig that Claire is wearing. It’s amazing that Hollywood, the headquarters for disguises, can do wigs right.

  • AR

    I found it worked fantastically for Battlestar Galactica but the Lost one looks off. It looks kind of tacky. The Battlestar photo has so much more going on as nearly all of the characters are doing something different while the Lost one holds hardly any clues as all of the characters are looking at Locke.

    IMO Battlestar did it better.