Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons You Need To Start Watching BETTER OFF TED


Friday’s episode (with a little help from its ROSE BOWL lead-in) unexpectedly doubled its typical audience numbers. Tonight at 8:30PM and 9:30PM, ABC gives viewers two more chances to catch one of the best shows you’re not watching… yet!

Hysterical dialogue
“We are not sleazy!” said Ted in defense of a sexual harassment suit. “Our department is more like a hard-working squirrel, stuffing its nuts in… wait. We’re more like a hard-working beaver… ah, I’m not going to land this metaphor.”

Portia de Rossi’s emotionally-detached, conscious-free boss is perhaps the must cut-throat woman currently occupying the airwaves, a joyously un-self-actualized creature given to utterances such as “Children are so adorable… In a way, they’re like people” or “There are employees everywhere! It’s like I’m walking through spiderwebs!”

Veridian Dynamics
How can you not love a company that makes everything from weaponized pumpkins to a hypersonic-sound machine known as “The Voice Of God”.. which unintentionally causes people to throw up. (Or, as Ted put it, “A machine that causes vomiting. Well, that could have all kinds of applications for the military… and fashion modeling!”) 

Lem & Phil
Like most people blessed with true genius, the scientists responsible for the company’s amazing – and often horrific – breakthroughs are insecure and prone to paranoia. (“He’s like a god,” said Phil of boss Ted, “Only it hurts more when he judges us.”)

It’s scripted
ABC is almost single-handedly bringing back comedy this season thanks to freshmen hits MODERN FAMILY, COUGAR TOWN and THE MIDDLE. Obviously, there’s an audience out there… it simply needs to find sophomore series TED. Otherwise, yet another timeslot will be given to THE BACHELOR or some other unworthy reality show. And do you really want to be responsible for that? Because yes, I will hold you personally responsible. Consider that a warning.

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  • Aniello

    Veronica is pure genious!

    Here’s my favourite scene from season 1..

    Female Lawyer: And how would you summarize the company’s reaction when they found out that the women who used this product were savagely attacked by insects?
    Veronica: Ouch.
    Female Lawyer: Will you elaborate on that, please?
    Veronica: No.
    Female Lawyer: Can you describe your job?
    Veronica: Yes.
    Female Lawyer: How would you describe your job?
    Veronica: Cleverly

  • Hil

    Phil: This is why we draw pictures of him as a superhero.
    Lem: He must never know about Aqua-Ted.

  • nctodc

    Absolutely agree with this post.

    Veronica: Children, they have so many uses. They’re like adorable Swiss Army knives.

    Phil: We can put him back together. I fixed my marriage with mechanical attachments, I can fix this.

    Veronica: My God, Ted, you don’t tell a man like Mordor to be less passionate. It’s like telling Gandhi to be less… whatever he was. Thin

  • bws

    Bot is very good.. quick and funny. Not quite as funny as last season but they are still doing well. It has zero shot at getting renewed, hence the episode burn-off along with Scrubs. But it was fun while it lasted! I hope to see the three leads in something else very soon. Amazing comedic delivery by Veronica in every scene. Three cheers for Better off Ted!

  • Dave

    This show is genius. They should just fill Hank’s spot with this and see if it could leach some viewers from the other shows of the night.

  • Ace

    LOVE this show and I’m glad it got a bump up. Hopefully others will discover it. I really think they should have moved it to Wed. (The Middle at 8 and BoT at 8:30), showed repeats on Tuesday until they find something to put in the 8/8:30 slots, and showed 2 Scrubs at a time (9/9:30). It just has that perfect blend of off the wall quirky that made Arrested Development great AND workplace humor that makes The Office so relateable. So, that’s my pitch for the show!

    Phil: So I’ve been thinking about our past, and how I chummed the waters of our friendship with fish guts of dishonesty.
    Lem: And I’ve been thinking about how the shark of my loyalty gorged on the deceitful entrails of your bloody lies.
    Phil: So we both saw that shark special last night.

    Veronica: It’s not my fault I don’t listen when you talk.

  • Dave

    Might as well throw my Veronica quote in:Well, I’m different than other women, Ted, and by different, I mean “better.”

  • Alexis

    I totally agree with Dave, ABC should consider putting Better Off Ted in Hank’s old time slot. Although, I’m not a fan of The Middle, Cougartwon, Modern Family, and Better Off Ted sound like a winning combination to me.

  • Reason #6 For Jenkins!

  • sophia

    a fantastic smart and funny show, i really hope it does not end and get replaced with crap

  • I agree with Alexis. Better Off Ted deserves a spot on ABC’s Wednesday comedy slot.

  • nctodc

    Man, tonight’s episodes were HILARIOUS.

    “The company feels that if we ease up because somebody died, it’ll only encourage other people to die.” – Veronica

  • Manju

    You got me. I’ve considered watching this for a while now, and you convinced me. I’ll give it a try. But if I start liking it, and it gets canceled, I’ll hold YOU responsible for making me like yet another dying show.